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Increasing Distance Is Increasing Club Speed

Is your driving distance making it hard to play golf?  Does your 7 Iron go the same distance as your 5 Iron?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to increase your swing speed.

In this third blog post of this series, Michael Gish (inventor of the Total Golf Trainer) explains how to increase club head speed. This content is sponsored, but we believe it can truly help you learn some import insights about the game, and speed.

Most people know that one of the biggest factors for increasing distance is increased club head speed.  There are many devices that calculate swing speed, providing necessary information for club fitters to properly fit equipment based on swing speed. The teaching professionals use this information to correctly help a golfer improve and playing professionals use this data to work on distance control with wedges and much more.

The club speed of a Long Drive Competitor is up in the 150MPH, the average driver speed for PGA Tour players is 115-120 there are a select few players that will swing it in the 130’s but most dial back the speed for better accuracy.  The average amateur golfer swings the club between 80-90 with better players around 100.

The speed of your club directly affects the distance your golf ball will fly.  The question is how do you increase club speed?  It starts with correct use of the ground and proper mechanics.  The Amateur golfers have a tendency to swing too much with their arms and never learn the correct sequence of motion that produces “effortless power”.

There are many other sports that require this same sequence of motion to generate speed.  A baseball player throwing or hitting a ball, a tennis player creating racket speed and many others.  All these sports create speed using correct sequence of motion starting with the lower body resulting in powerful balanced swing.

The video below shows Michael Gish demonstrate how to properly utilize the hip to generate higher speeds

The Total Golf Trainer Hip provides a trail setting that works on the correct sequence of the downswing, many better players and professionals fight the hips moving too fast or too early.  The Total Golf Trainer Hip provides instant feedback for a correct sequence of motion.  The number one amateur fault is not enough speed, rotation and balance out of the hips.  The Total Golf Trainer Hip has a lead hip setting that provides visual and physical feedback on hip rotation and lower body movement.  If you work on the lower body sequence and rotation you will increase your driving and iron distances.

Here is how to use it

* Slide the TGT Hip over your belt or pants on your lead side or Trail side (insert the training rod)

* The Lead Side setting for the training rod should be perpendicular to the target line

* On the downswing rotate your hips, moving the TGT Hip back and around

* There should be no contact to the training rod with correct hip rotation.

*The Trail Side setting Training rod is parallel to the target line

*On the Downswing get your arms back in front of the body for correct sequence (Eliminate getting struck)

To learn more visit the Total Golf Trainer website and use coupon code: THEGRINT25 to get 25% Off your first order.

Co-Written by: Michael Gish (TGT Inventor, Owner and Instructor)

Total Golf Trainer


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New App Release – TheGrint Golf

New My Courses Feature in TheGrint App

We are excited to announce a brand new section of our app that we believe will add a lot of color to how you track your golf experience. A big part of your golf experience is defined by the courses you play, and keeping track of that is something we want to help you with.

With the NEW My Courses section you will be able to 1) Keep track of the courses you have played, 2) Rank them based on your preferences, 3) Create a bucket list and 4) Discover new courses that you may want to play.

Additionally, we added the GPS Flyover feature, which will allow you to checkout the layout of a Course without having to open the Score Tracker.

We truly believe this will enhance your TheGrint experience!

Thanks to all of you who gave us your suggestions and to all PRO Members as their contributions make releasing new features possible. Remember: 100% of our PRO Membership Sales go back into the development of new features.

My Courses Section  

To open the My Courses section press the rightmost button in the bottom menu of your home screen. In there you will first find a list of the courses you have played ranked by rating. To rank them, simply drag and drop each golf course on the list.

If you swipe left then you will find your new Bucket List. At first its an empty list, and all you need to do is Search and Add courses to it. Its quite easy.

If you swipe left once more, you will reach the Discover List. Initially it will be displaying all courses near you (100 miles radius). The list will show first the best ranked courses based on the Reviews of the Grinter Community.  You can also play with the filters to Discover other courses.

Finally, you can Search any course you want using the Search Bar on the top.

New GPS Flyover

Also, one of the coolest things you can do now in this section is explore the Course GPS before you go play the Course!

1) Search for the Course you want to check out.

2) Tap on the Top Right where it says “GPS Flyover”.

3) You can move from Hole to Hole using the Top Arrows on the Top of the GPS.

4) To go back to the Course Feature just tap on the Top Right Circle where the Yardages are shown.

You can also check out our Grinters’ Reviews of the Course before you get there or just want to see how the Course is doing…

And you can also check the Scorecard so you know exactly what you are facing later on when you go play some Golf.


Another cool thing some of you Grinters have requested is Live!

That is the Elevation shown on the GPS Feature! (both on the Flyover or on the GPS during your Golf Round)

Check it out!













This a very important Feature for Golfers all over the World, as Elevation is a big factor when choosing the Right Club for every Shot.

All of the Features we have Added throughout the Years have been thanks to you Grinters!

If you have more requests or more features you would like for us to Add, don’t hesitate to send them to us to

And know that 100% of all Pro Memberships go towards New Developments and Improvements, so thank you to all Pro Members who have helped make TheGrint what it is today!

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Improve Your Impact and Minimize Penalties – TheGrint Golf

Improve your impact and minimize penalties!

This is our second blog post of this series. The below video with Michael Gish (the inventor of the Total Golf Trainer) is focused on helping us improve our moment of impact and therefore, minimize penalties in our scorecard. Again, this content is sponsored, but we think is pretty useful.

Throughout history the golf swing has evolved, equipment has changed, science and bio
mechanical feedback have provided a greater understanding of how the body and club move changing the landscape of golf. All these improvements still have not changed the ultimate goal of golf. Your final Score.

The score is how we compare ourselves to other golfers. There is one common fundamental that every golfer can practice in order to lower their scores. This is Impact or the moment of truth when the club contacts the ball. This fundamental is the most common mistake for amateur golfers. Impact effects every shot from Chipping, Pitching to the full swing.

One of the biggest amateur mistakes is trying to get under the ball, flipping or scooping causing the shaft to lean back or behind the ball at impact. This will add loft to the club, causing loss of distance and club face control. This is something that is common for every shot in golf. Do you see inconsistency in your chip shot? Some balls roll out and others stop, this is due to an inconsistent Impact position. You may be having trouble controlling your pitch shot distance and spin. This is due to an inconsistent Impact position.

But what does a good Impact look like? At impact the handle of the club should be in front of the club head, resulting in a better hit-down on the ball. This is a difficult position to practice and see or feel improvement in the full swing without consistent video work and hours of lessons having a pro giving you feedback.

The below video shows some drills that you can work on with the Total Golf Trainer. It provides you with feedback you can feel for improved Impact throughout your game and lower scores. You will make more chips, control your distance and spin with pitch shots, improve your ball striking and distance control with your irons to help lower your score.

The Total Golf Trainer provides the feedback necessary to improve your all-around game and lower your score.

Here are the instructions on how to use it:

* Attach Total Golf Trainer to the front of your grip (aligning the Total Golf Trainer to the club face).
* Insert medium training rod into the top port.
* Bend the training rod forward towards the shaft (start with training rod between your forearms)
* Press handle forward to contact the training rod on the inside of your lead forearm
* Maintain contact for a solid bump and run chip shot
* Use the same setting for pitching
Please be sure to visit for more information on the

Total Golf Trainer – Arm

Use coupon code: THEGRINT25 to get 25% Off your first order.

Co-Written by: Michael Gish (TGT Inventor, Owner and Instructor) and

Total Golf Trainer

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How is my TheGrint Golf Handicap Calculated?

How Is My Golf Index Calculated?

The Handicap System is not hard to understand, but there are many miss-conceptions about how it’s calculated and how Players get that Number. We wanted to share some clarifying points.

To begin, you should know that the Handicap Index is intended to represent a golfer’s potential ability.  Therefore, it is NOT calculated using the Score Average.

The Handicap IS calculated using the Handicap Differentials of your best rounds.

The Handicap Differential is:

(ESC Score – Course Rating ) *113 / Slope Rating

So, the more Scores you have uploaded to your TheGrint Account, the more accurate your Handicap Index will be. And once you have 20 or more Scores uploaded, the Handicap will use ONLY the Lowest 10 Handicap Differentials out of your last 20 Scores you uploaded. After those Differentials are calculated you average them and then Multiply them by 96% .

And that is your TheGrint Golf Handicap !

Another important part of the Handicap is the ESC “Equitable Stroke Control”.

This is the Maximum Score, established by the USGA, that you can have on a Hole depending on your Course Handicap. How do you know the ESC Score? You have to use the below table to limit the max score allowed per hole:

How is your Handicap Index calculated if you have less than 20 Rounds uploaded?

Well, the USGA has a Table that shows the amount of Differentials are used depending on the amount of Rounds you have posted (see below):

 But remember, we do all those calculations automatically.

All you have to do is upload your Scores to your TheGrint Account. We do the rest!

To show you an example, we will use Mr. Bob Grint’s scoring record!

The easiest way for you to see the Scores that are being used to calculate your Handicap is to go to the Stats Section on the Website and see the Green Bars (those are the lowest Handicap Differentials out of all of your latest Scores).

This is Bob’s Stats Section:

His Handicap Index is 4.4 (pretty good, right?).

One more thing, you might have seen the Attest Feature for your Scores.

This feature allows you to have your Scores Attested by other Grinters. By having scores attested, it shows that your Handicap is legit and that what you played was witnessed by another Golfer.

This Attest doesn’t change your Handicap Compliance or doesn’t make it Non-Official. It just shows that your Scores are “verified” by other golfers.

Within TheGrint you have a Handicap Card, which highlights the Scores that are taken into consideration towards the Handicap with an asterisk (*); it doesn’t show the Handicap Differential, but it does show the Scores and your Handicap Index (see below):

At the end, you don’t have to know all this, we do the work for you anyway… so, all you have to do is upload your Scores or send them to us through the SPS Service (Scorecard Picture Service Learn More Here).

Any questions, you can e-mail us to, we will help you out as fast as we can.

Enjoy your Golf!

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Need to Hit more Fairways and Greens in Regulation during your Golf Round? – TheGrint

Do you need to hit more fairways and greens in regulation?  

In this series of blog posts we partnered with the folks at Total Golf Trainer Arm to bring you videos and content that should help you improve your game. You now look at your TheGrint performance data constantly, but what can you do about it. Well here is a starting point. This content is sponsored, but very useful.

In this first blog post we will talk about hitting more fairways and greens. And it all starts with Clubface Control.  The biggest factor to miss-hitting shots (topping, chunking, slices and hooks) is extreme open or closed clubface. PGA professionals have a habit before they hit the ball of going half way back or parallel to the ground, stopping and looking back to check the clubface before every shot.

The correct positioning of the lead and trail wrists can help solve a variety of swing faults, helping you achieve a flat lead wrist position resulting in forward shaft lean at impact, establish powerful lag in the downswing, and consistently repeat crisp contact.  It doesn’t matter how fast you swing or how solid you hit the ball, without a square clubface the ball will never go in the direction you want.

Golf is a game of control and in order to control the golf ball you must first learn how to control the clubface.  But do you train your wrists? There are many tools out there. In this series we will use the Total Golf Trainer Arm for teaching purposes. This tool can help golfers achieve the ideal wrist, elbow and arm positions throughout the golf swing. We’ve tried it, it works really well.

A flat lead wrist is something that should be practiced in all aspects of your game. In chipping a flat lead wrist controls the golf balls roll on the green, providing a better expectation in order to make more chip shots. In a pitch shot the length of swing directly affects the distance your golf ball will travel.  The Total Golf Trainer Arm will adjust to control the length of you swing, while maintaining a square clubface, making it easy to practice distance control for any length pitch shot.  The focus of clubface control in chipping and pitching improving impact (which is the one fundamental every great golf swing has in common) will guarantee improve your full swing and get you to hit more fairways and greens in regulation!  The device is adjustable, and easily attaches to your lead or trail wrist for positive feedback that you can feel.  The Total Golf Trainer Arm has lead or trail wrist settings that provide feedback for a square clubface throughout the swing every time!!  If you are looking to hit more fairways and greens in regulation, remember always fix clubface first.

Check out the Video for this Drill here.

* Place the TGT Arm on your lead wrist

* Start with the yellow ball lightly touching your lead hand

* On the takeaway flatten your lead wrist, moving the yellow ball off your hand

* Keep the space between your hand and the yellow ball throughout your swing

* Clubface Control with feedback you can feel

Please be sure to visit for more information on the Total Golf Trainer – Arm

Use coupon code: THEGRINT25 to get 25% Off your first order.

Co-Written by: Michael Gish (TGT Inventor, Owner and Instructor) and TheGrint Team

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Golf Off-Season – TheGrint

It’s the sad time of the year again… The Off-Season is here!

So we want to remind you how the off-season works and how to mark your Scores within TheGrint so they count or NOT towards your Golf Handicap.

First of all, remember that the Golf Season depends on where you Play at a particular moment and not on where your Club (the one providing you with a USGA Handicap) is established.

This means that if you live in Colorado, for example, and you come down to Florida for vacations during Winter and play a few Rounds of Golf, those Scores would count towards your Handicap because in Florida the Golf Season is Year-Round; even though, in Colorado the Season is between March 15th and November 14th.

Just in case you don’t know your States’ Golf Season Dates, here they are: Golf Season Dates

The good news is that if you keep your Handicap with TheGrint, you will always have an Active community. If you live in a year-round warm weather state, you can keep tracking your scores. But if you are in one of those States where there is an Inactive Season you should mark your scores as “Off Season” (if you are able to go out and play a Round).

Here is how:

On iOS and Android that option is on the Round Setup Screen before you start tracking your Score, under the Tracking Options. Select that option and then continue setting up your Round.

You can also upload your Score through the Website and select the Option for Off-Season at the bottom of the Box where you upload your Score. Select that Box and then click Submit.

Those playing in an area that is inactive should select this Option (Off-Season) before entering/uploading a Score. So if you live in a State that has Off-Season Golf, make sure you know the Dates of that Off-Season so you can be aware of your Scores and don’t mess your Handicap.

You can always get more information on the USGA Website.

Blog written by: LadyGrinter
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Here are the 10 reasons why having a Golf Handicap is essential to any golfer

Everyday more and more golfers realize why having a Handicap Index is so important, but Do you know why? We have put together the 10 most compelling reason per our staff… and yes, we are avid golfers in our office, where Handicap discussion take place every single day.

  1. Because every golfer deserves to know its own potential in Golf.

One thing is to believe that you are good or even great at golf, and another is to have a trustable measure, like your golf handicap, that confirms how good you are. And this is thru not only for you but for everyone in Golf.

  1. To make a fun game even more fun!

Enabling players of different levels to compete on an equitable basis is the common response. But most importantly to earn the right to brag about it! Only you golf handicap will even the terrain among players.

  1. Because high scores are forgotten!

It is not like your Credit Score, where a missed payment or hard inquired will stay with you forever. The USGA golf handicap formula only considers the best 10 Scores of the last 20 rounds. So, it is another excuse to play more.

  1. To show how a player’s performance improves/deteriorates in time.

The game of golf has so many variables that make it impossible for a player to follow-up with his/her progress. Different course, different weather, different playing times, different groups, etc. At the end of the day only your golf handicap will know if you are improving in time.

  1. Because every golf course is different!  

The Course Handicap is the Golfer’s Index adjusted to the course’s difficulty, so good bye to your partner Joe’s excuses about blaming his performance on the difficulty of the courses he plays. The golf handicap will take that soft measure out of the discussion.

  1. Because any true golfer is driven by Pride!

We’re sure you have enough of your friends talking about how fast they ran their last marathon or how great they are at tennis, etc… If you have a golf handicap you will have something to show off too.

  1. Because everyone in golf likes to bet!

With your golf handicap, you can win bets while preserving friendships. Handicap takes abstract matters out of the discussion for competitive players. You want to give or get the right number of strokes and beat your friends on equal conditions.

  1. So you can have an answer to that question; What is your golf handicap?

You know that the first question anyone asks when you are a golfer is; What’s your handicap? Be prepared to open the discussion and show your pride, or maybe not depending on your performance.

  1. Because it is required at tournaments

You know that to participate in Golf tournament you need to have a golf handicap, so you better start keeping your handicap updated. There are plenty of Golf Apps for that.

  1. Because its Free!

Ok, it is not typically free. But when you use TheGrint Golf App it is. So no more excuses.

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What would the golf game look like without the Golf Handicap App?

Let’s imagine The Hunger Games of Golf…. Where surviving depends on your golf performance by it self. You win, you live. You lose, you die.  Ok many avid golfers already feel that way.

So what if you had to compete in these Hunger Games without a golf handicap. Would you do it?  It doesn’t sound fun anymore, right? One of the best things of Golf is that you can play with your friends and everybody regardless of skill level. That is why we need that golf equalizer. That is why we need the Golf Handicap App!

So let me expand on this. I could talk for hours about the Handicap Index Formula, but for most golfers it is just boring. BUT to make sure we are aligned:

“The Handicap Index is designed to measure a golfer’s potential ability on the course, and provides the foundation to be able to compete on an equitable basis regardless of your ability”

So now that we know the intention of the Golf Handicap system. Why is that important?

Most golfers would agree that the fun in golf is not only about the score. Most would agree that what makes “hitting a ball with a stick” fun is sharing outdoors with friends, playing and competing in this beautiful and strategic game. So why complicate our lives calculating a freaking number with such a complicated formula?

  1. It will motivate you to play your best golf, every time

Well, for starters part of the fun in golf is in measuring your performance and in knowing how good or bad you are. We always step onto the first tee hoping to play our best, and the USGA Handicap Index allows us to define “our best”. So we can realize what is a great round or what is a lousy round based on facts, not feelings.

  1. To keep your friends

You would lose a lot of friends on the course if you didn’t have a golf handicap. I for one would hate to pay for those cold beers at the end of every game. After all, the 19th hole is an important part of the game, so it better be a friendly moment for everyone that played.

  1. It will keep everything on check

The Golf Handicap is like having an invisible referee in your foursome every time you go out to play. The Handicap will blow the final whistle and declare a winner at the end of each game so you won’t have to.

  1. Because your friends will like to play with you

If you are a great player, Why would someone even want compete with you if they know that you will ALWAYS beat them? The Handicap allow both of you to play at the same level so everyone will have an incentive to play with you again.

Bottom line, let’s invite the Handicap Index to this party. Let’s allow it to be the referee of golf, the judge, the one who sets the rules and determine how many strokes each player receives. The one who keeps friendships and good times on the golf course!

Be legit! Get a Golf Handicap App, Why wouldn’t you? It is free…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Golf GPS App On Course

As technology advances and Apps get easier to use, it seems that almost every sport has its own tool that can guide you through your exercise routine in a smarter way. Runners have their Cardiac Monitors and GPS trackers, Swimmers have their smartwatches to count pool laps, etc. Golfer are not an exception to this, and almost every player has a smartphone on the pocket or on the Golf Cart while playing.

Some of you might think that using a smartphone on the course may be a distraction or even a bad idea, but here we have 7 Reasons that might change your mind about a Golf Apps

1. You can plan your Game

A Golf GPS App allows you to see the Hole you are about to play from a different perspective, this may not only help you plan your game before the first shot, but also how to play in the case that something unexpected happens, and you know it will.

2. No more guessing distances

You think you can pass that water with your second shot? You better check the Map and measure the exact distance to pass it… you might be farther than it looks. And that laser rangefinder won’t get it right all the time, like a Golf GPS App does.

3. Allows you Play faster.

If you look at the Hole from the Tee. You should be able to know in advance where you will land with your Tee Shot. Or how much distance are you leaving to the Hole or to the Lay-Up. Allowing you to play your Second Shot more efficiently helped by your golf tracker app.

4. Helps you plan ahead.

If you are playing a New Golf Course, that you have never played before, using a Golf GPS App will allow you to check the Course in advance. So, you can think about how your Game will perform in the unknown Course. You can prepare better before you get there.

5 . So you can have just one device for everything

Instead of having your smartphone, a rangefinder and a GPS Watch, you can have all in one device, your Golf GPS App. Less stuff, less confusion. And if you use Apple Watch even better, you can leave the smartphone in the cart.

6. Because Golf GPS Apps are free.

And this is much better than paying $300 plus for a Laser Rangefinder. You better go and spend that money in a new driver, or maybe at the 19th hole, if you’ll have something to celebrate.

7. And the last and most important thing about having a Golf GPS App is…that it allows you to have much more fun on the Golf Course.

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Best Ways To Improving Your Golf Game – By Jon Sherman

If you are serious about improving as a golfer, the best way to do it is to set specific, measurable goals for yourself.

Using stats as a benchmark to determine what these goals are and tracking your progress makes it a no brainer for golfers who want to figure out ways to get to the next level in their game.

Let’s take a look at why I believe all golfers should keep track of their stats, and then what they can do.

Look in the Mirror

Most golfers typically do the same things over and over again, and get frustrated when their results don’t improve. A very smart man once defined that as insanity.

The number one reason to use stats as a part of your improvement plan is that it gives you a real understanding of where your golf game actually needs help, not where you think it does. Generally there is a big difference between the two.

If you have a detailed understanding of your driving stats, approaches, scrambling, and putting then it becomes clear where you need the most help.

I like to think of statistics as holding a mirror up to your game. If you are currently shooting in the 90s, and your goal is to be shooting in the 80s, a few things might jump out at you when looking at your top-level stats.

Are you three putting quite often during your rounds? Is your scrambling percentage close to zero?

Then there might be some low-hanging fruit waiting to be addressed at the short game facility.

Make a Plan

Once you have an understanding of your game through the use of stats, the next step is to actually make a plan and set goals.

For example, you could simply state that you want to average more greens in regulation per round. Using this specific stat as your benchmark, you could come up with the following list of two goals:

  • Spend more time practicing your irons from the typical distances you are faced with on your approach shots during your rounds.
  • Change your strategy on the course – become less aggressive and make your number one goal hitting the green. No more pin hunting!

Going through this process helps you get organized with your practice plan and on-course strategy. This is one of the main things that is lacking from most recreational golfers plan to improve.

When you are focused on a singular goal, you find ways to make adjustments in order to achieve it. Don’t just do the same old routine!

Measure Your Progress

Goals that are measurable help keep your eye on the ball (no pun intended). More importantly, you want to keep them realistic.

Using our greens in regulation example, let’s say that you started off averaging 4.5 greens in regulation per round. Expecting to start hitting 9 to 10 would be a pretty lofty goal. Seven might be more appropriate.

If you are keeping track of all of your rounds it becomes pretty obvious whether or not you are making progress.

Let’s say things were stalling, and you were still stuck on the same number. It is time to look a little deeper and think about what you can change.

Are you not spending any time practicing your iron play? Is there a particular pattern on the course developing? Perhaps most of your shots are landing short of the green, and maybe it’s just as simple as choosing more club.

When you have the information at your disposal, things become clearer, and you can make adjustments along the way. If you are simply playing your rounds, and not doing any kind of analysis, it becomes much more challenging to find out what you need to do to improve and lower your scores.

Wrapping it Up

There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea for golfers of all levels to keep track of their stats on the course. But it really boils down to the following points:

You can make an accurate assessment of where your golf game is currently. Then you can do some analysis, make a plan, and then set goals. Most importantly, you can keep track of your progress and make adjustments in order to meet those goals.

It’s certainly much easier said than done, but statistics have become an important part of golf, and it should be part of every player’s plan if they truly want to improve. 

About the Author

Jon Sherman is the owner of Practical Golf, a website dedicated to being an honest resource for the everyday golfer who is looking to enjoy the game more, as well as improve. He is the author of the bestselling book 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make (and how to fix them). You can find him on Twitter here – @practicalgolf, where he is happy to chat about golf with anyone.

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