Our Golf Handicap Calculator – Easy and Quick!

Alright, we get questions about the golf handicap all the time. Specially regarding how to quickly calculate it when you don’t have a full set of rounds that you can use.

Therefore, I want to share with you a quick golf handicap calculator. The intent of this is not to provide you with a handicap, but just to give you a quick estimate of how your handicap would look like.

Here are the instructions to use it: (Click on the image to open the calculator)

  1. Enter the tee where you typically play from. There are 4 options. Select Black if you usually play from the farthest back. Then Blue, then White. And select Red if you are Female.
  2. Enter what you think your typical score is. Not your average, but what you typically play.
  3. And then, if you know your recent scores we give you the option to enter them.

The green circle on the bottom left will automatically show you your estimated Handicap.

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and it does not provide you with a Handicap you should use. To get a real handicap you  should track your rounds. One of the key differences here is that we assume a certain average Slope and Course Rating that might not apply to the courses you play.

Behind our golf handicap calculator

Here are a couple of the assumptions we made for our calculations in the rapid calculator:

  • Course/Slope Ratings: Black 74/135, Blue 72/125, White 70/120, Red (L) 71/125
  • Weight given to the typical score: 100% when no scores are input. Then 5% less for every score input on the optional section
  • Adjustment to typical score stated: 97%
  • Adjustment ESC: 97%

Make sure you share this calculator with your friends. But do not allow them to use this calculator to bet against you. Make sure everyone is tracking their handicap in the proper way.

Please let us know your comments or thoughts at contactus@thegrint.com or simply like us on Facebook and comment there.

Enjoy your Golf!



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