Golfers Handicap Distribution – What is the Average Golf Handicap?

I am sure that at one point you have asked yourself. “What is the average Golf Handicap”? Well the reality is that it is not easy to answer that question because not every golfer tracks a handicap.

However, the USGA did released data that shows the Handicap distribution of male golfers in the US. Here is what the data says:

What is the distribution of golf handicaps in the US

Keep in mind that this data is not representative of the full universe, but instead it represent the most active golf community in the US. The USGA does not specify how many golfers this data represent but it is a good start.

Note that the most popular range is the 12-16 golf handicap which represents a little more than a quarter of the population. It is really surprising to see that only 5% has 30 or more, however this is the part of the population that is most likely to not track their handicap.

We also ran the following graph that shows an estimation of what percentile of people would break 100, 90, 80 on a good day. This does not mean that they would break it regularly.

Golf Handicap Distribution of golfers in the US

We expect to run similar analyses in the future with the data we capture here at TheGrint however, we are waiting to get a bigger data set before we run them.

One of the main reasons why this data is so skewed is because tracking your golf handicap has been historically difficult in the US. And our key objectives here at TheGrint is to give access to everyone to be able to track their handicap hassle free. Hopefully, if we achieve that goal we will be able to show a less skewed data set.

Enjoy your Golf!


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