What is TheGrint about? Certainly not a Golf Handicap Calculator

We get this question quite a lot, and a golf handicap tracker doesn’t quite cut it. So why not spend some time talking about it. We will share it with you through three perspectives: TheGoal, TheTool and TheTeam.

                                                                             USGA Golf Handicap Tracker

TheGrint Goal: “Enjoy your golf outside the golf course”

 Our goal is simple, to become “the place where players live their golf outside the golf course”. So we are not really about people who like golf but don’t play golf, and we are not about the PGA Tour either, we are about You, your game and the people you play with. And we are about helping you enjoy your golf and of course, play better.

If you notice, in our website and apps, everything is centered around your performance and the one of your friends. We try to enable a competitive environment even outside the golf course by allowing you to compete and compare yourself to your friends. And live your own golf outside the golf course.

TheTool: Golf Game Improvement 

This concept explained before inherently drives golf improvement. In fact, from our data we have found that overall, people who log in more often to our site and post more scores improve at a faster rate than others. This of course can be the result of a higher dedication from those individuals.

TheGrint not only ranks you against your friends. It also enables you to look at your data in ways that you have never seen before. You can slice it and dice it however you want. Which allows you to do 2 very important things: 1) Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and 2) Strategize your rounds.

It also provides transparency for the game, so the handicap is no longer a mistery and you can verify each others handicap index. But most importantly you can compare yourself and your stats with those of your friends.

TheTeam: Passionate Golfers with a Tech side

We are three founders. Passionate about golf and everything around it. We are, like most amateur golfers, always trying to improve and beat each other. And trash each other.

We were tired of not having a great tool. So we build it for ourselves. And as our friends starting using it, we realized that maybe some others might want to used as well.

We also came up with the Scorecard Picture Service idea. As we enjoy keeping score the old way, on a Scorecard. We don’t like to carry phones on the golf course. So we decided to pioneer this idea that so many of you now love.

TheGrint is located in South Florida. We try to test our products as much as we can (playing golf) and we really hope that TheGrint can become an essential part of every golfers life, like it is to us.

Questions? Feedback? Let us know with a comment or at contactus@thegrint.com

Enjoy your Golf!





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