TheGrint Golf – USGA Compliant Clubs

TheGrint – USGA Compliant Clubs

Held November 17th at 12:30 PM.

We are taking this opportunity to talk about our Clubs because not too many Golfers know that by having a TheGrint Account, you will have a USGA Compliant Handicap plus many of the other Features we offer.

The way Grinters get a USGA Compliant Handicap is only possible because of the help from our Grinters themselves. They volunteer to be the Club Chairmans of the Club they were assigned to by the system (according to their Zip Codes), and all they have to do is fill out the USGA Application and complete the Online Seminar.

After they are approved and ready to go, everyone in that Club will have a USGA Compliant Handicap as long as they comply with the other Requirements as well (At least 5 Scores uploaded and 1 of those has to be within the last 365 days). As a courtesy, we give the Club Chairman a Pro Membership for Free for as long as they are the Club Chairman.

By completing those Steps and by organizing a Club event at least once a year, their TheGrint Club is USGA Compliant; allowing all the Members to be able to compete at any USGA Sanctioned event using their TheGrint Handicap.

We now have hundreds of USGA Compliant/Licensed clubs; within those Compliant Clubs, we cover over 95% of our Grinters. If you happen to be in an area that is not covered, please consider volunteering.

We have to mention that the MOST Active USGA Compliant Club is Fort Worth TG GC in Texas. These guys are always playing Tournaments and using the USGA Club Section Tool to the max. They are always talking to each other, reviewing Members’ Scores, welcoming New Members and most of all, having fun on the Golf Course.

The USGA Clubs are not just a way for us to provide a USGA Compliant Handicap, but also an opportunity  for Grinters to meet new people around their area, play New Courses and play competitive if they want as well.

Now that you know what a Club Chairman does and the Steps needed to be one, we want to have the opportunity to have a Live Discussion with all of you. We will answer all the questions you have about this Topic and maybe expand on some other things.

It is important to us that you all know what it takes to be a Chairman and what you get from it. We want ALL Grinters to be part of a Compliant Club, and we can’t do this without your help.

We hope to see you all at Lunch (12:30PM) on November 17th during our Facebook Live Discussion.

Blog written by: LadyGrinter
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5 Responses to TheGrint Golf – USGA Compliant Clubs

  1. Michael Willis says:

    Sounds great — but I am not on Facebook. Any other way to participate?

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      As of now, no… We are only doing this through Facebook, but we are going to share the Video after through Instagram and Twitter so you can watch it after if you want.

      If you have any questions related to this Topic, you can ask them through this platform, or send us an e-mail to

      Let us know anything.

      We are here to help.

  2. I live in Virginia Beach and it automatically put me in a club in Gloucher VA. there are many clubs in Virginia Beach, how come I did not get assigned to that club?

    • And I have been member for a little over 3 months now

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi Jake, good morning,

      We apologize for the late response.

      The Clubs that we assign to the users are clubs that we assign for our system, for Handicap purposes only. These are Type 3 Clubs, meaning they are Virtual Clubs.

      These are not Home Courses or courses that users play the most. It is a way for us to organize our members and create more clubs, so more users can be part of them and have a USGA Compliant Handicap.

      The Club you were assigned to is the closest USGA Compliant Club to your location. We recommend you stay in that Club as it is providing you with a USGA Compliant Handicap.

      Let us know if you have any questions.