7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Golf GPS App On Course

As technology advances and Apps get easier to use, it seems that almost every sport has its own tool that can guide you through your exercise routine in a smarter way. Runners have their Cardiac Monitors and GPS trackers, Swimmers have their smartwatches to count pool laps, etc. Golfer are not an exception to this, and almost every player has a smartphone on the pocket or on the Golf Cart while playing.

Some of you might think that using a smartphone on the course may be a distraction or even a bad idea, but here we have 7 Reasons that might change your mind about a Golf Apps

1. You can plan your Game

A Golf GPS App allows you to see the Hole you are about to play from a different perspective, this may not only help you plan your game before the first shot, but also how to play in the case that something unexpected happens, and you know it will.

2. No more guessing distances

You think you can pass that water with your second shot? You better check the Map and measure the exact distance to pass it… you might be farther than it looks. And that laser rangefinder won’t get it right all the time, like a Golf GPS App does.

3. Allows you Play faster.

If you look at the Hole from the Tee. You should be able to know in advance where you will land with your Tee Shot. Or how much distance are you leaving to the Hole or to the Lay-Up. Allowing you to play your Second Shot more efficiently helped by your golf tracker app.

4. Helps you plan ahead.

If you are playing a New Golf Course, that you have never played before, using a Golf GPS App will allow you to check the Course in advance. So, you can think about how your Game will perform in the unknown Course. You can prepare better before you get there.

5 . So you can have just one device for everything

Instead of having your smartphone, a rangefinder and a GPS Watch, you can have all in one device, your Golf GPS App. Less stuff, less confusion. And if you use Apple Watch even better, you can leave the smartphone in the cart.

6. Because Golf GPS Apps are free.

And this is much better than paying $300 plus for a Laser Rangefinder. You better go and spend that money in a new driver, or maybe at the 19th hole, if you’ll have something to celebrate.

7. And the last and most important thing about having a Golf GPS App is…that it allows you to have much more fun on the Golf Course.

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