How is my TheGrint Golf Handicap Calculated?

How Is My Golf Index Calculated?

The Handicap System is not hard to understand, but there are many miss-conceptions about how it’s calculated and how Players get that Number. We wanted to share some clarifying points.

To begin, you should know that the Handicap Index is intended to represent a golfer’s potential ability.  Therefore, it is NOT calculated using the Score Average.

The Handicap IS calculated using the Handicap Differentials of your best rounds.

The Handicap Differential is:

(ESC Score – Course Rating ) *113 / Slope Rating

So, the more Scores you have uploaded to your TheGrint Account, the more accurate your Handicap Index will be. And once you have 20 or more Scores uploaded, the Handicap will use ONLY the Lowest 10 Handicap Differentials out of your last 20 Scores you uploaded. After those Differentials are calculated you average them and then Multiply them by 96% .

And that is your TheGrint Golf Handicap !

Another important part of the Handicap is the ESC “Equitable Stroke Control”.

This is the Maximum Score, established by the USGA, that you can have on a Hole depending on your Course Handicap. How do you know the ESC Score? You have to use the below table to limit the max score allowed per hole:

How is your Handicap Index calculated if you have less than 20 Rounds uploaded?

Well, the USGA has a Table that shows the amount of Differentials are used depending on the amount of Rounds you have posted (see below):

 But remember, we do all those calculations automatically.

All you have to do is upload your Scores to your TheGrint Account. We do the rest!

To show you an example, we will use Mr. Bob Grint’s scoring record!

The easiest way for you to see the Scores that are being used to calculate your Handicap is to go to the Stats Section on the Website and see the Green Bars (those are the lowest Handicap Differentials out of all of your latest Scores).

This is Bob’s Stats Section:

His Handicap Index is 4.4 (pretty good, right?).

One more thing, you might have seen the Attest Feature for your Scores.

This feature allows you to have your Scores Attested by other Grinters. By having scores attested, it shows that your Handicap is legit and that what you played was witnessed by another Golfer.

This Attest doesn’t change your Handicap Compliance or doesn’t make it Non-Official. It just shows that your Scores are “verified” by other golfers.

Within TheGrint you have a Handicap Card, which highlights the Scores that are taken into consideration towards the Handicap with an asterisk (*); it doesn’t show the Handicap Differential, but it does show the Scores and your Handicap Index (see below):

At the end, you don’t have to know all this, we do the work for you anyway… so, all you have to do is upload your Scores or send them to us through the SPS Service (Scorecard Picture Service Learn More Here).

Any questions, you can e-mail us to, we will help you out as fast as we can.

Enjoy your Golf!

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