Driving Accuracy by Handicap – What’s Your Target?

Have you ever thought about how your driving accuracy compares with golfers with the same handicap as yours?

We looked at the data from millions of rounds of real golfers to help you answer this question.

Our data on Par 4′s and Par 5′s shows that scratch golfers hit about 62% of the fairways from the tee. This means they hit 9 fairways out of the typical 14 driving holes per round; while higher handicappers only hit about 48%. This accounts for 7 of those 14 driving holes per round.

Driving Accuracy by Handicap Golfers Ability

Although, as handicaps go up, accuracy doesn’t decrease as dramatically you may have expected, the real difference in driving comes from the fact that when high handicappers miss, their misses have higher dispersion, therefore incurring in more penalties.

The blue line show the average number of penalty strokes by handicap. The scale is shown on the right hand side of the graph.

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