Grinters Equipment – What is the Most Popular Driver?

We have gotten such a good response from all of you regarding our Data Facts newsletters that we decided to start a third topic. Golf Equipment, in partnership with Gimme Golf Store.

As you know, you can all declare the golf clubs you use in your TheGrint profile. Declare your clubs here. So we look at that data to figure our what are the most popular driver models of the season within our community of Grinters.

Take a look at the graph below and find out which 2020 models are the most utilized by our Grinters.

NOTE: Both Ping and Titleist drivers released their current models early 2019 which may explain a larger share

If you are one of those players that is constantly changing the driver looking for the latest technology, you should check out Gimme. Pay $30/month* to get your favorite driver, and then have the option to upgrade to the newest model once it comes out.

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As we know that not every Grinter plays with a 2020 driver, we decided to prepare another graph that shows what is the most used driver model, regardless of the year that came they came out. Take a look at the graph below and zoom in to see the details!

What do you think? Did you expect those models to be there? Or, is there any model in particular that took you by surprise? Feel free to drop a comment below!

Enjoy your golf!

*monthly payments subject to  MSRP


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