Par 3 Accuracy by Distance & Hdcp – What’s Your Target?

Have you ever wondered how your iron game compares to those who have similar handicaps? Or, if the difference with a low handicap player is significant?

Well, in order to help you answer those questions, we went to our database of millions of real golf rounds and analyzed their stats.

We looked at Par 3 shots in the following distance ranges: <125yds, 126-150yds, 151-175yds, 176-200yds, 201-225yds and +225yds.

By having the distances separated in these 5 categories, we went ahead and sort them by handicap. So, to read you just have to position yourself within your handicap and follow the vertical line that crosses the distance categories to see what’s your accuracy in each of those distance ranges.

Now, zoom in the graph below and spot your handicap to reveal your target iron accuracy % in each of those distance ranges.

There are some interesting finds for sure!

Take a look at the <125yds range where lower handicap players are not outperforming the rest. Why? Well our guess is that lower handicap players tend to tee it up from the back tee boxes. Therefore, when the golf course architect gives them a short par 3, those come typically with tough conditions or diabolical greens.

Also, we can see that in shots between 201-225yds and +225yds, there’s a slight increase in the accuracy of high handicappers. This can be caused by the use of rescue clubs or hybrids, which can give some golfers more control over their shots.

Obviously, these are mere interpretations of the data, How would you interpret it? Comment below!

At TheGrint, we strive to give you every detail of your game to help you find those weakness areas that you can work on to improve your handicap.

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Enjoy your golf!

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