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Let’s talk about our new “Advanced Score Selector” which we released in our latest Update (May 2021). With it you will be able to add some important details about your performance that will help us break down your stats even more, and give some pretty powerful details.

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The Advanced Score Selector feature will let you track three main additional things which we’ll explain in more detail: Far Left or Far Right misses, Tee shot club, and 1st putt distance.

1- Far Left or Far Right misses
We added the option to enter this stat because we know it’s not the same to barely miss the fairway, versus going way off and landing in the woods. The main reason we wanted to give you this tracking option is that a far miss will likely result in limiting your ability for the next shot. So it is important to break it down when analyzing your game.

2- Tee shot Club
Currently we simply give you Tee Accuracy, and we can’t really break it down by club. So for Par 4′s and Par 5′s most people simply look at their data and assume they hit the Driver, which is not as useful.

For Par 3′s is even more important, because you can then get Proximity to the hole with each club when combining it with our next stat. (1st putt distance).

3- 1st Putt Distance

This information is critical to analyze your putting performance. Obviously a 2-putt from 3ft is not the same as a 2-putt from 30ft. And by adding this information you will be able to break down your putting performance at a whole new level.  In fact, this is probably the one we are most excited about in terms of what it gives you back.

AND BY THE WAY IT IS STILL SUPER QUICK TO USE! We only added (on avg) 4 additional taps to your scoring routine.

To give you a better idea, this is how the advanced score selector looks like in TheGrint:

Using this tool is a great way to add a bit more context to your stats and understand your game even more. This will allow you to focus on areas of your game that need the most improvement.

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Enjoy your golf!

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