GPS + Scoring Integration in TheGrint App

Let’s talk about two of the most useful features of TheGrint app and how our new version (May 2021) integrates them to offer you a better experience while playing, so you can focus on your golf and not your phone. Here’s how the GPS + Scoring Integration in TheGrint, looks like:

The biggest difference is that you no longer have to exit the GPS screen in order to register your score on each hole, which we absolutely LOVE. You can remain on the same screen during your whole round, while still being able to keep track of your score, input your metrics like tee accuracy and # of putts, all from one place, making it a seamless process.

This is how that screen looks like in our new version of the app:


Another small (but super useful!) improvement: once you submit the score for all players in a hole, the app will automatically move on to the next one, instead of you having to do it manually.

In addition to merging those two screens, we added a couple of widgets or buttons that let you customize the layout even more. For example, you now have “Arcs” which clearly show the 100, 150, 200 and 250 yards layup points.

Or the Notes section which lets you write and revisit your thoughts on how to play a certain hole. Or if you haven’t played a golf course you can see the most popular Notes of other golfers and learn that local knowledge with just one tap.

We are extremely excited about this update, and we are certain it will make your experience using the TheGrint app, even better.

Enjoy your Golf!

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2 Responses to GPS + Scoring Integration in TheGrint App

  1. Mike says:

    So how do I record a drop in the new UI?