Grinters Most Common Handicap – Data Facts

Have you ever thought about how your game compares to that of an average golfer? What about how your handicap compares?

As fellow golfers, we know that in order to improve your golf level, you must work to improve your weakest link. At TheGrint we strive to show you the most accurate data for you to easily detect where those areas of improvement are. By complementing your game strengths and working hard you can become a better all around player.

We have looked at the data from millions of rounds of real golfers, to help you answer some of these questions.

Looking at our community of Grinters, we found out that the average handicap is around 14.5 and the most common handicap score is 13. In fact, more than 20% of our golfers are single digit!

Checkout the graph below, zoom in and locate yourself within your handicap to see how you compare.

Congrats if you’re above the average, keep up the good work! But don’t be discouraged if you are below; become a PRO Member so you can improve and keep track of your game through TheGrint’s App Stats Module.We hope you found this information insightful.

Register today and learn why TheGrint is been named the best golf app for avid golfers around the world

Enjoy your golf!

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Average Score by Handicap – What’s your Target?

Have you ever thought about how many shots, on average, you would have to make to improve your handicap?

We took a deep look at our database and analyzed the data of millions of golf rounds and we were able to summarize it in a simple, yet useful graph.

Take a peek at the chart below and locate yourself within your handicap in order to find out the average score for your level.

Using this graph you can set your target score and visualize how many shots you need to make to lower your handicap. ThGrint’s App Stat module allows you to easily track your shot performance and identify where you can eliminate those extra strokes that prevent you from improving your handicap.

Enjoy your golf!

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GIR by Handicap – Golf Greens In Regulation Target

Have you ever wondered what your GIR% target should be? Is 30% good or bad? Well… it really depends. We can answer that question!

We looked at our database of millions of golf scores and calculated the average Greens In Regulation percentage for every Handicap level from 0 to 36.

Check the graph below. And compare it with your data in TheGrint. If your average is below the one for your Handicap then this is a Weakness. If it is above it is a Strength.

The key to improve your Handicap is to identify the areas that, if improved, would take you the next Handicap Level. TheGrint’s App Stats module helps you easily identify targets for all major stats, and therefore find your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Enjoy your golf!


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TheGrint Golf – Ryder Cup Feature

Ryder Cup Feature

The Ryder Cup will be played on September 2020. The US Team vs The Europe Team will battle at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin!

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until September to play your own Ryder Cup with your Friends! You can play your own Ryder Cup anytime, anywhere with your Friends by using the NEW Ryder Cup Feature on TheGrint Golf App!

This feature is located on the Live Leaderboards feature.  It is pretty simple to use and create your own Cup, but here are some Tips to make it easier and more fun to use…

1. The Cup Name

Choose the option Ryder Cup option and give your Cup a Name!

Also in that screen you can choose if you want to allow users to Edit their Handicap, whether you will compete in Net or Gross scores, and finally how Handicaps Strokes will be calculated.

2. The Sessions

You can create up to 8 Sessions and you will have to select the Starting Date and the End Date.

For each Session you will then select the Course, Tees and type of Match you are playing during that session.

3. Play Day

Whenever is time to play, every player will just join the Ryder Cup and join the session you are playing that Day.  

NOTE: the organizer doesn’t have to add players. If a player has the Password, that is all he needs to join the Ryder Cup and play with his foursome.

If you finish your Match and want to see how the other Matches are going Live, just go back into the Ryder Cup and Join the Session as an observer.

 4. Choose Team

After joining the Session and Adding your playing partner, if your Team is Red but it says Blue next to your Name, just Tap on “Switch Team Order” and you will be switched to the Red Team.

5. Playing Time

During the Round, if you want to check how the Match is going, just tap at the bottom of the Score Tracker screen where it says “Ryder Cup” and the Summary will come up.

If you win the Match on Hole 16 for example, but your Foursome or other players want to finish playing the 18 Holes, just tap on End Match & Keep Tracking.

If you decide to stop playing for the Day, just tap on End Match & Exit.

6. Ryder Cup Summary

After the Players and Matches are done, you will see the Ryder Cup Summary where you can see every Match played and how the Points were decided.

Make sure you settle any other Games you had with your Playing Partners and give the Course a Review after you end your Round.

If you want to check out the Ryder Cup Summary again after you submitted the Round, just go to the “Leaderboards” Option on the Stats feature on the App. Tap on the Ryder Cup and you will get the Summary.

Let the fun begin!

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Total Golf Trainer – 3.0 “Beast Mode” – TheGrint Golf

Total Golf Trainer – 3.0 “Beast Mode”

Alright, this is it! final post of this series. And yes we had to finish with “BEAST MODE”!  As you know this is sponsored content from Total Golf Trainer, but we are pretty sure you will enjoy it (in fact we have already heard great comments from you guys).

Below Michael Gish (Inventor of the TGT) shares with us Beast Mode!


Do the Best players in the world use training aids?  The answer is YES!! Almost every professional golfer uses or has used a training device.  The golf swing has evolved in many ways but there is one undeniable fact. Your body is going to react to hitting the ball in a certain way that is hard to control or change. This is your golf DNA.

The way you swing the club naturally, without thinking about anything but hitting the ball.  Everyone’s body reacts in different ways and wants to do what feels comfortable and easy. These are not bad habits that can be fixed in 60 days but tendencies that will always come back if we don’t control them.

The problem is most golfers cannot afford to see an instructor 3-4 times a week or have them on the range before a round to ensure that their practice is correct and they are not falling back into the bad tendencies. This is why golf training devices are a very important part of practice.  The only way to know if you are practicing correctly is through feedback.

The instructor watches you hit balls for 1 hour and provides feedback.  This is why everyone hits the ball better doing the lesson than by themselves.  The best feedback devices on the market cost less than a 1 hour lesson and can provide feedback for a lifetime.

Total Golf Trainer has developed products that can be used anywhere from the range, backyard, home, office and receive the quality feedback necessary to improve.  You can work on things like flat lead wrist at the top or impact, loading and lagging the trail wrist, sequencing the downswing, creating more hip rotation through the ball, club path on the takeaway, improve downswing path,  square club face through out the swing and more.

Beast Mode, is using all three products for Total Golf Training.  The Total Golf Trainer Arm can be used to feel a flat lead wrist or to maintain lag in the downswing on the trail wrist, with settings to control your club face for any shot from chipping to full swing.

The Total Golf Trainer Hip will provide feedback to feel correct takeaway or downswing sequence also provides instant feedback on your hip rotation which creates more speed in your swing.

The Total Golf Trainer is perfect for swing path and impact,  creates more consistency and improved ball striking, eliminates miss hit shots and penalty strokes.

The Total Golf Trainer products provide feel necessary to recognize a correct swing and feedback to Learn your Process and Own your Swing with Total Golf Training(Beast Mode)

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2018 New Features Releases from TheGrint Golf

Our releases in 2018! 

As Golf evolves, TheGrint does too!

You have heard this phrase… “100% of premium memberships goes toward developing new features”. Well, we did our part and wanted to share some of the biggest features we have released in 2018 so far

Don’t worry… These will not be it. We have plenty more coming for you.

The New Face of TheGrint (March 2018)

As you all might have noticed, we made some changes to how TheGrint App and Website look like. However, we still provide the same Features as before, plus some new ones.

 The Green (+) Button (March 2018)

The Green button, which is a the Circle with a Plus (+) sign located in the center of the bottom menu, allows you to post things.

With it you can post 3 different type of Items:

1. Post: Quickly post a photo, video or 4Some in the Activity Feed

2. Score: Upload a Total Score or send us an SPS (Scorecard Picture).

3. Play: Begin a Round Setup or Create a Live Leaderboard.

 Advanced Shot Tracker (June 2018)

As the Name states, this feature allows you to track every shot you hit.

1. You select the Club.

2. Select where your Ball is before starting the Tracking.

3. Select the Target you are trying to hit as well as the intended Distance.

4. Tap on Next. Hit your Shot and Track it up to where you hit it.

5. Stop Tracking.

6. Enter the Lie where your Ball ended and where exactly on the Hole.

7. Tap on Complete & Continue and track the next one.

When you finish the Hole, just Stop Tracking everything and Tap on Continue.

Website Redesign (March 2018)

This new Home Page allows you to see everything more clearly and get to the Features quicker; as well as see your Stats and information much better and simplify.


Scorecards Section & Edit Scores on the App (May 2018)

This is another Redesigned Section that shows you all of your Scores (18-holes & 9-holes lists) as well as your Index and Trending Handicap with a graph showing which Scores are the ones counting towards your Index (Green Bars) and the ones that are not (Blue Bars).

If you Tap on a Score (hole-by-hole score) it will take you to the Scorecard. Where it will allow you to Edit the Score and Stats you tracked.


Just tap on the Hole you want to Edit and change what needs

to be updated. Then tap on Enter and when you are done, tap on Edit Scores again or tap on Back.

 Make sure you select “Yes post the change” if you want to make the change or “Discard Changes” if you don’t want to submit that change.

NOTE: If that score was Attested, then you will lose the Attest since the score changed. Simply request your friend to Attest the score again.

Live Score Comments (July 2018)

This is a brand New Feature that many of you requested.

This feature allows you to have a Live Chat with those in a foursome or in your Live Leaderboard.

If you are tracking the Score for your foursome they can still see everyone’s comments by tapping on the Live Score showed on their Activity Feed and then by going to the Score itself.

A Chat Symbol will be on the Bottom Right of the Screen. Tap on it and you will be able to chat with your Partners.

This Feature works the same way with a Live Leaderboard. As soon as you all Join the Leaderboard and enter the 1st Score on Hole 1, you will see the Chat Option on the Bottom Right of the Screen. This Chat can be seen by everyone who joined the Leaderboard.

Courses Section on App (Sept 2018)

This feature allows you to have your own Favorite List, Bucket List & a Discover List that shows you Courses other Grinters have rated around your Area or around the World. You can Search any Course you want on that Discover List and by Tapping on it, you can Add it to your Bucket List. If you played it or when you play it, a “Played Stamp” will be shown on top of the Course Name on the Bucket List.

You can Add any Course to your Favorite List by tapping on “Add Course”, as well as the Bucket List.

All of these features are cool and we know that some of you wanted them.

We worked hard to develop them and we will continue working hard on developing any other feature you Grinters want!

Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at with your feedbacks, requests, questions, doubts.

We take your thoughts seriously and we, just like you, want a better App with much better and cooler features.

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Increasing Distance Is Increasing Club Speed – TheGrint Golf

Increasing Distance Is Increasing Club Speed

Is your driving distance making it hard to play golf?  Does your 7 Iron go the same distance as your 5 Iron?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to increase your swing speed.

In this third blog post of this series, Michael Gish (inventor of the Total Golf Trainer) explains how to increase club head speed. This content is sponsored, but we believe it can truly help you learn some import insights about the game, and speed.

Most people know that one of the biggest factors for increasing distance is increased club head speed.  There are many devices that calculate swing speed, providing necessary information for club fitters to properly fit equipment based on swing speed. The teaching professionals use this information to correctly help a golfer improve and playing professionals use this data to work on distance control with wedges and much more.

The club speed of a Long Drive Competitor is up in the 150MPH, the average driver speed for PGA Tour players is 115-120 there are a select few players that will swing it in the 130’s but most dial back the speed for better accuracy.  The average amateur golfer swings the club between 80-90 with better players around 100.

The speed of your club directly affects the distance your golf ball will fly.  The question is how do you increase club speed?  It starts with correct use of the ground and proper mechanics.  The Amateur golfers have a tendency to swing too much with their arms and never learn the correct sequence of motion that produces “effortless power”.

There are many other sports that require this same sequence of motion to generate speed.  A baseball player throwing or hitting a ball, a tennis player creating racket speed and many others.  All these sports create speed using correct sequence of motion starting with the lower body resulting in powerful balanced swing.

The video below shows Michael Gish demonstrate how to properly utilize the hip to generate higher speeds

The Total Golf Trainer Hip provides a trail setting that works on the correct sequence of the downswing, many better players and professionals fight the hips moving too fast or too early.  The Total Golf Trainer Hip provides instant feedback for a correct sequence of motion.  The number one amateur fault is not enough speed, rotation and balance out of the hips.  The Total Golf Trainer Hip has a lead hip setting that provides visual and physical feedback on hip rotation and lower body movement.  If you work on the lower body sequence and rotation you will increase your driving and iron distances.

Here is how to use it

* Slide the TGT Hip over your belt or pants on your lead side or Trail side (insert the training rod)

* The Lead Side setting for the training rod should be perpendicular to the target line

* On the downswing rotate your hips, moving the TGT Hip back and around

* There should be no contact to the training rod with correct hip rotation.

*The Trail Side setting Training rod is parallel to the target line

*On the Downswing get your arms back in front of the body for correct sequence (Eliminate getting struck)

To learn more visit the Total Golf Trainer website and use coupon code: THEGRINT25 to get 25% Off your first order.

Co-Written by: Michael Gish (TGT Inventor, Owner and Instructor)

Total Golf Trainer


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New App Release – TheGrint Golf

New My Courses Feature in TheGrint App

We are excited to announce a brand new section of our app that we believe will add a lot of color to how you track your golf experience. A big part of your golf experience is defined by the courses you play, and keeping track of that is something we want to help you with.

With the NEW My Courses section you will be able to 1) Keep track of the courses you have played, 2) Rank them based on your preferences, 3) Create a bucket list and 4) Discover new courses that you may want to play.

Additionally, we added the GPS Flyover feature, which will allow you to checkout the layout of a Course without having to open the Score Tracker.

We truly believe this will enhance your TheGrint experience!

Thanks to all of you who gave us your suggestions and to all PRO Members as their contributions make releasing new features possible. Remember: 100% of our PRO Membership Sales go back into the development of new features.

My Courses Section  

To open the My Courses section press the rightmost button in the bottom menu of your home screen. In there you will first find a list of the courses you have played ranked by rating. To rank them, simply drag and drop each golf course on the list.

If you swipe left then you will find your new Bucket List. At first its an empty list, and all you need to do is Search and Add courses to it. Its quite easy.

If you swipe left once more, you will reach the Discover List. Initially it will be displaying all courses near you (100 miles radius). The list will show first the best ranked courses based on the Reviews of the Grinter Community.  You can also play with the filters to Discover other courses.

Finally, you can Search any course you want using the Search Bar on the top.

New GPS Flyover

Also, one of the coolest things you can do now in this section is explore the Course GPS before you go play the Course!

1) Search for the Course you want to check out.

2) Tap on the Top Right where it says “GPS Flyover”.

3) You can move from Hole to Hole using the Top Arrows on the Top of the GPS.

4) To go back to the Course Feature just tap on the Top Right Circle where the Yardages are shown.

You can also check out our Grinters’ Reviews of the Course before you get there or just want to see how the Course is doing…

And you can also check the Scorecard so you know exactly what you are facing later on when you go play some Golf.


Another cool thing some of you Grinters have requested is Live!

That is the Elevation shown on the GPS Feature! (both on the Flyover or on the GPS during your Golf Round)

Check it out!













This a very important Feature for Golfers all over the World, as Elevation is a big factor when choosing the Right Club for every Shot.

All of the Features we have Added throughout the Years have been thanks to you Grinters!

If you have more requests or more features you would like for us to Add, don’t hesitate to send them to us to

And know that 100% of all Pro Memberships go towards New Developments and Improvements, so thank you to all Pro Members who have helped make TheGrint what it is today!

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Improve Your Impact and Minimize Penalties – TheGrint Golf

Improve your impact and minimize penalties!

This is our second blog post of this series. The below video with Michael Gish (the inventor of the Total Golf Trainer) is focused on helping us improve our moment of impact and therefore, minimize penalties in our scorecard. Again, this content is sponsored, but we think is pretty useful.

Throughout history the golf swing has evolved, equipment has changed, science and bio
mechanical feedback have provided a greater understanding of how the body and club move changing the landscape of golf. All these improvements still have not changed the ultimate goal of golf. Your final Score.

The score is how we compare ourselves to other golfers. There is one common fundamental that every golfer can practice in order to lower their scores. This is Impact or the moment of truth when the club contacts the ball. This fundamental is the most common mistake for amateur golfers. Impact effects every shot from Chipping, Pitching to the full swing.

One of the biggest amateur mistakes is trying to get under the ball, flipping or scooping causing the shaft to lean back or behind the ball at impact. This will add loft to the club, causing loss of distance and club face control. This is something that is common for every shot in golf. Do you see inconsistency in your chip shot? Some balls roll out and others stop, this is due to an inconsistent Impact position. You may be having trouble controlling your pitch shot distance and spin. This is due to an inconsistent Impact position.

But what does a good Impact look like? At impact the handle of the club should be in front of the club head, resulting in a better hit-down on the ball. This is a difficult position to practice and see or feel improvement in the full swing without consistent video work and hours of lessons having a pro giving you feedback.

The below video shows some drills that you can work on with the Total Golf Trainer. It provides you with feedback you can feel for improved Impact throughout your game and lower scores. You will make more chips, control your distance and spin with pitch shots, improve your ball striking and distance control with your irons to help lower your score.

The Total Golf Trainer provides the feedback necessary to improve your all-around game and lower your score.

Here are the instructions on how to use it:

* Attach Total Golf Trainer to the front of your grip (aligning the Total Golf Trainer to the club face).
* Insert medium training rod into the top port.
* Bend the training rod forward towards the shaft (start with training rod between your forearms)
* Press handle forward to contact the training rod on the inside of your lead forearm
* Maintain contact for a solid bump and run chip shot
* Use the same setting for pitching
Please be sure to visit for more information on the

Total Golf Trainer – Arm

Use coupon code: THEGRINT25 to get 25% Off your first order.

Co-Written by: Michael Gish (TGT Inventor, Owner and Instructor) and

Total Golf Trainer

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How is my TheGrint Golf Handicap Calculated?

How Is My Golf Index Calculated?

The Handicap System is not hard to understand, but there are many miss-conceptions about how it’s calculated and how Players get that Number. We wanted to share some clarifying points.

To begin, you should know that the Handicap Index is intended to represent a golfer’s potential ability.  Therefore, it is NOT calculated using the Score Average.

The Handicap IS calculated using the Handicap Differentials of your best rounds.

The Handicap Differential is:

(ESC Score – Course Rating ) *113 / Slope Rating

So, the more Scores you have uploaded to your TheGrint Account, the more accurate your Handicap Index will be. And once you have 20 or more Scores uploaded, the Handicap will use ONLY the Lowest 10 Handicap Differentials out of your last 20 Scores you uploaded. After those Differentials are calculated you average them and then Multiply them by 96% .

And that is your TheGrint Golf Handicap !

Another important part of the Handicap is the ESC “Equitable Stroke Control”.

This is the Maximum Score, established by the USGA, that you can have on a Hole depending on your Course Handicap. How do you know the ESC Score? You have to use the below table to limit the max score allowed per hole:

How is your Handicap Index calculated if you have less than 20 Rounds uploaded?

Well, the USGA has a Table that shows the amount of Differentials are used depending on the amount of Rounds you have posted (see below):

 But remember, we do all those calculations automatically.

All you have to do is upload your Scores to your TheGrint Account. We do the rest!

To show you an example, we will use Mr. Bob Grint’s scoring record!

The easiest way for you to see the Scores that are being used to calculate your Handicap is to go to the Stats Section on the Website and see the Green Bars (those are the lowest Handicap Differentials out of all of your latest Scores).

This is Bob’s Stats Section:

His Handicap Index is 4.4 (pretty good, right?).

One more thing, you might have seen the Attest Feature for your Scores.

This feature allows you to have your Scores Attested by other Grinters. By having scores attested, it shows that your Handicap is legit and that what you played was witnessed by another Golfer.

This Attest doesn’t change your Handicap Compliance or doesn’t make it Non-Official. It just shows that your Scores are “verified” by other golfers.

Within TheGrint you have a Handicap Card, which highlights the Scores that are taken into consideration towards the Handicap with an asterisk (*); it doesn’t show the Handicap Differential, but it does show the Scores and your Handicap Index (see below):

At the end, you don’t have to know all this, we do the work for you anyway… so, all you have to do is upload your Scores or send them to us through the SPS Service (Scorecard Picture Service Learn More Here).

Any questions, you can e-mail us to, we will help you out as fast as we can.

Enjoy your Golf!

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