Top 10 Most Played Golf Courses in 2016 – TheGrint

Top 10 Most Played Golf Courses in 2016

2016 is over and we thought you might want to know which Golf Courses were played the most last year by our Grinters.

Well… here you have it!

These are the Top Most Played Courses by our Grinters in the Top 10 States (US Only).


Ravines Golf Club | Saugatuck, MI

This Golf Course was played 500 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 91.9 and it has an Average Score of 84.6.

It’s Ranked 40th in Michigan.


Rhodes Ranch Golf Club | Las Vegas, NV

This Golf Course was played 525 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 85.2 and it has an Average Score of 89.9

It’s Ranked 38th in Nevada.


Royce Brook Golf Club, East Course | Hillsborough, NJ

This Golf Course was played 576 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 80.7 and it has an Average Score of 91.1

It’s Ranked 81st in New Jersey.


Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course | Bronx, NY

This Golf Course was played 625 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 72.9 and it has an Average Score of 94.7

It’s Ranked 166th in New York.


Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course | Irvine, CA

This Golf Course was played 631 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 64.3 and it has an Average Score of 91.6

It’s Ranked 490th in California.


Westview Golf Course | Quincy, IL

This Golf Course was played 670 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 89.7 and it has an Average Score of 83.2

It’s Ranked 42nd in Illinois.


Reston National Golf Course | Reston, VA

This Golf Course was played 673 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 78.1 and it has an Average Score of 90.4

It’s Ranked 109th in Virginia.


The Tribute Golf Club | The Colony, TX

This Golf Course was played 912 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 87.2 and it has an Average Score of 87.7

It’s Ranked 109th in Texas.


Lane Creek Golf Club | Bishop, GA

This Golf Course was played 1508 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 86.3 and it has an Average Score of 83.6

It’s Ranked 67th in Georgia.


International Links Miami – Melreese Country Club | Miami, FL

This Golf Course was played 1555 times by our Grinters, who give it an Overall Rating of 81.9 and it has an Average Score of 91.6

It’s Ranked 286th in Florida.

These Rankings and Ratings are all given by our Grinters who play these Courses and Rate them after they finish their Rounds. We also have to mention that most of these Photos were taken by Grinters during their time on the Golf Course.

You can search for any of these Courses on TheGrint Website or the Golf App for more information.

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Top 5 Best Golf Grinters in 2016 – TheGrint

Top 10 Best Grinters in 2016

Have you wondered who are the Best Grinters from 2016?

These are the very hard working players who made the Top 5 Female and Male Grinters! Plus, we are showing a few of their Stats so you can see how they have these incredible Handicaps.

Let’s start with the Ladies.

Now, just so you know, all of their information is from 2016 and they all had to have at least 30 Rounds last year. Their Handicap Index is the only Data that is current, taking all of their History into consideration.

Lets see the Top 5 Best Male Grinters from 2016

Pretty impressive, no?

Remember, practice makes perfect. These guys and ladies didn’t achieve those Stats and Handicaps by just going out to the Course and playing a Round of Golf. They go to the Range and practice and practice and practice. They are always looking to improve every single part of their Game.

TheGrint Golf App can help you discover which part of your Golf Game is weak and needs improvement, so take advantage of it. Learn, practice and get your Golf Game to its best… Maybe next year you can be on this list! Who knows…

Male Top 5 Stats

 Female Top 5 Stats


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Top 10 Best Golf Courses in 2016 – TheGrint Reviews

Top 10 Best Rated Golf Courses in 2016 by State

We collect hundreds of thousands of course reviews every year. So we wanted to share with our Top 10 Courses by State for 2016.

To calculate the Overall rating we take the Average between the Fun Rating and the Shape Rating (both Ratings we ask for as soon as you finish your Round on TheGrint Golf App).


 Of course we couldn’t miss the Photos… Here are the Photos of these incredible Golf Courses

#1 | Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club

#2 | Kiawah Island Golf Resort | The Ocean

#3 | Yocha Dehe Golf Club

#4 | Bandon Dunes Golf Resort | Bandon Dunes Course

#5 | TPC of Boston At Great Woods

#6 | Spyglass Hill Golf Course

#7 | Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

#8 | Spring Creek Golf Club

#9 | Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

#10 | Whistling Straits | Straits Course


This is pretty cool… but lets get more details on these incredible Courses from 2016. We got one more Golf Course Ranking for you…

Top 10 Most Fun Golf Courses by State

No strange thing that Bandon Dunes leads the list… Has anyone play there and not have fun? Pretty much impossible… Even if your game is not there (because of obvious reasons), you can’t not have fun.

And what about Whistling Straits? Beautiful Golf Course + Beautiful Views = Fun.

Keep playing. Keep Rating. We love this Data and without our Grinters, we wouldn’t have anything.

Which Golf Courses are we going to see in 2017 ? Your decision…

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Golf New Stats – TheGrint

New Comparison Line on Trends

Have you ever wondered how your stats impact a Particular Golf Round? Would you want to compare how your lowest Putts performance impact your actual Scores?

Well, you now can! Check this out!

 That blue line in the Graph are the amount of Putts Mr. TheGrint made in each of his Rounds. Therefore, he can now see that in one of his Best Rounds (76) he had 27 Putts.

And in one of his worst Rounds (88) he had 37 Putts! Horrible!

All you have to do to get to this graph is:

1. Go to the Trends Section on the Website.

2. Select any Stat you want on the left (this will be your Main Stat).

3. On the Top select the “Compare” Stat. We have Putting, Grints %, GIR %, Driving % and Iron Game.

After you select a Stat to Compare, you can change your Main Stat to another one and the chart will update with your “Compare Stat” & your Main Stat (see below)

As you can see Mr. TheGrint changed his Main Stat to GIR% and he kept the Putts as his Comparison Stat, showing him that in a Round he had 11 GIR, he also had 34 Putts… meaning that he should have taken advantage of the GIR and Putt better in order to Score lower.

As you can see, it is real simple to compare Stats and study your Golf Game.

This will certainly help you improve your Game and lower your Golf Handicap.

Try it. Work it.

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New things to try during the Golf Off Season – TheGrint

One of the good things about the Golf Off Season (not that we like it!) is that there is a lot of Free Time (“Range Time”) that you can take advantage to keep up your Golf Game or Golf Handicap.

This is the best time to look around the industry and see what is new out there… either Golf Clubs, new Workouts you can do at home or at the Gym or new Practice Equipment you can try at Home or at your Gym as well.

So we looked around, and there is a lot out there. From traditional stuff to more creative items. On the creative sides we have seen things like a Golf Chute that you can use to work on creating more speed, or even a Driver with Vertical grooves that claims to reduce side spin among other things…

On the more traditional side this is the best time of the Year to see all the new stuff from the big brands… but you won’t be able to hit most of them until January. Everyone is trying to make a splash, coming out with strategies like Wilson’s Triton Driver, creating better versions of their products like Taylormade, or even coming up with concepts like the Ice Cube Putter?  Yup, you read that right…

But this is not all… There is one more thing you can try… If you really want to go crazy on this “trying new things”…

Maybe a New Putting Technique?

A total “Game Changer”? or just another bad idea? What do you think?

It can’t be that crazy when Sam Snead used this Method once in his career. Just in case you are wondering, this is totally legal according to the USGA, so… are you going to try it?

Here’s a video showing Bryson trying it and also Mr. David Fay (Former USGA Executive Director) with a variation of the Method (click here).

So, we can given you 3 different things you can try during this Off Season… Which one are you going to try?

Let us know how you do!

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TheGrint – Golf Games

TheGrint – Golf Games

Facebook Live on December 1st at 12:30 PM.

In this Facebook Live Discussion, we want to talk about our Games Feature that many Grinters may not know about.

Before we explain what we are going to talk on the Discussion, if you don’t know much about the Games feature take this opportunity to learn more about it. We launched a while back on iPhone, and COMING SOON on Android (we already started working on it).

To learn more click here.

During this Facebook Live Discussion we would like to share more insights about our Games feature, which Games are available and how can they be more enjoyable. Most importantly we want to know which Golf Games you would like us to add in the future… so, think about it and feel free to comment on this Post or during our Facebook Live Discussion.

As of now, these games are only available on iOS, but coming soon on Android. We currently have 6 of them,  - Medal, Stableford, High & Low, Match Best Ball, Skins and Niner.

These Games are located on the Players Setup Screen on the App, before you start your Round; some of the Games can be played between 2 to 4 players per Foursome.

If you are not sure how one of these Games is played, you can read the instructions for each of them by Tapping on the “Explanation” option on the Players Setup Screen.

We will continue working on improving this Feature and we hope to hear from you for new Games in the future. So far, we have the following suggestions: 1) Traditional Stableford Points System, 2) Side Bets and 3) Multiple Games at the same time. Let us know if you have other suggestions.

We hope to see you on Thursday December 1st at 12:30PM.

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TheGrint Golf – USGA Compliant Clubs

TheGrint – USGA Compliant Clubs

Held November 17th at 12:30 PM.

We are taking this opportunity to talk about our Clubs because not too many Golfers know that by having a TheGrint Account, you will have a USGA Compliant Handicap plus many of the other Features we offer.

The way Grinters get a USGA Compliant Handicap is only possible because of the help from our Grinters themselves. They volunteer to be the Club Chairmans of the Club they were assigned to by the system (according to their Zip Codes), and all they have to do is fill out the USGA Application and complete the Online Seminar.

After they are approved and ready to go, everyone in that Club will have a USGA Compliant Handicap as long as they comply with the other Requirements as well (At least 5 Scores uploaded and 1 of those has to be within the last 365 days). As a courtesy, we give the Club Chairman a Pro Membership for Free for as long as they are the Club Chairman.

By completing those Steps and by organizing a Club event at least once a year, their TheGrint Club is USGA Compliant; allowing all the Members to be able to compete at any USGA Sanctioned event using their TheGrint Handicap.

We now have hundreds of USGA Compliant/Licensed clubs; within those Compliant Clubs, we cover over 95% of our Grinters. If you happen to be in an area that is not covered, please consider volunteering.

We have to mention that the MOST Active USGA Compliant Club is Fort Worth TG GC in Texas. These guys are always playing Tournaments and using the USGA Club Section Tool to the max. They are always talking to each other, reviewing Members’ Scores, welcoming New Members and most of all, having fun on the Golf Course.

The USGA Clubs are not just a way for us to provide a USGA Compliant Handicap, but also an opportunity  for Grinters to meet new people around their area, play New Courses and play competitive if they want as well.

Now that you know what a Club Chairman does and the Steps needed to be one, we want to have the opportunity to have a Live Discussion with all of you. We will answer all the questions you have about this Topic and maybe expand on some other things.

It is important to us that you all know what it takes to be a Chairman and what you get from it. We want ALL Grinters to be part of a Compliant Club, and we can’t do this without your help.

We hope to see you all at Lunch (12:30PM) on November 17th during our Facebook Live Discussion.

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TheGrint – Golf Scorecard Penalties

TheGrint – Golf Scorecard Penalties

Golf is not a game of perfect… therefore Golfers are meant to make mistakes and suffer the consequences when showing their final Score.

We have all said it at one point or another: “If I could have avoided that OB I would have shot a 79…. If my driver had passed that bunker, I would have… if I had… if … if…

And while many complaint that that’s just golf, we wanted to be able to track that “What if…” feeling. So we designed a simple system to track strokes lost, so you can know how many Strokes you “could have saved” if you didn’t make those mistakes and had those Penalties.

Below we have Mr. Bob Grint… this is an example of those Penalties we are talking about:

TheGrint Scorecard

As you can see Bob Grint shot 80 on a Par 72 Course. Our system gave him 4.5 lost strokes.

In this case we want to say that most likely if Bob Grint wouldn’t have made those mistakes, he would have shot 76 or 75 (80 – 4).

However as you can see Bob was able to get the Par in 2 of those Holes where he had a Penalty, meaning that those Penalties didn’t or wouldn’t have hurt his Score (in this case), but these penalties can give you an idea of how many shots you could save if you were to avoid those miss shots.

Besides showing these Penalties on the Scorecard itself, we take those Penalties and use them for your Stats as well, so you can see how many Sand Saves you have in a Round or how many putts you usually have after a Water, Bunker, or even Out of Bounds.

The Graph below would be one of the Stats you would get when taking into consideration the Penalties you track while you play:

TheGrint Stats

If you track as much information as possible, your TheGrint App will help you understand your Golf Game, your weaknesses and show you what you should be working on to lower your Golf Handicap and enjoy the Game even more.

All this information can be very useful. Please let us know if you have any feedback or ideas of what we could do to make them even more useful.

Thanks again!

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TheGrint Stats at Hazeltine National Golf Club – Ryder Cup 2016

Ryder Cup 2016

Hazeltine National Golf Club

The Ryder Cup has started and we can’t wait to see how it will end!

Played at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota.

In 2014 the Ryder Cup was played at Gleneagles in Scotland after 40 years. The USA Team thought they had a great team… good enough to beat the European, but it wasn’t enough and ended up loosing 11 1/2 to 16 1/2.

Europe has won 8 of the las 10 Ryder Cups played. This year, it is at a very tough Golf Course designed by Robert Trent Jones that opened in 1962. Ranked 2nd in TheGrint and 3rd in Minnesota by GolfDigest.

This time, at Home, the US Team believes they can win it. They have Tiger Woods as Vice-Captain and are certainly hoping he can give them something they have been missing in order to win.

We have had a few Grinters play Hazeltine National and as expected, they give them 97.7 points over 100 for Overall Experience and they give them 98.2 Points over 100 for Fun.

But we have something cool to show you… We got the Stats for Greens in Regulation, Tee Accuracy and Scoring Over Par Average by Handicap Groups.

Below are the Golf Stats plus incredible Photos of this amazing Golf Course.

 Score Over Par Average

Greens In Regulation Average

Tee Accuracy Average

Don’t you want to grab your Golf Bag and run to this incredible Golf Course? Do you think you can bring your A Game to this Course?

Go, play the Course and track your Score and Stats with your TheGrint App. Make sure to Rate the Course and give us your Feedback!

Enjoy your Golf!

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TheGrint – Scorecard Picture Service (SPS)

Scorecard Picture Service (SPS)

Do you like to keep your Score on a traditional and Paper Scorecard while you play? Do you still want to keep track of your Score, Stats and Handicap in TheGrint?

That’s no problem. Keep track of your Score using your traditional Scorecard and at the end of your Golf Round, take a Picture of the Scorecard using TheGrint App and send it to us.  We will upload your Score and Stats as soon as we receive it.

It is that simple!

How it works? Easy…

After your Round:

1. Go to TheGrint App

2. Tap on Play

3. Tap on Scorecard Picture

4. Select the Golf Course. Date (on the Top right). Tees and how many Holes you played.

5. If you played with another Grinter and kept his/her Score as well and they want us to upload their Score as well, tap on Select Player and find them or type their E-mail Address.

6. Tap on Next and then Tap on “Camera” so you can take a Picture of the Scorecard.

7. If you have to take Two (2) Pictures in order to get the 18-holes, tap on the Option “Two”

Then take the Picture.

8. Rate the Course and Tap & Press “Upload”…

Then leave it up to us!

If you send us your Score within these Hours, we typically upload your Score within 5 Minutes:

Monday – Thursdays between 10am and 6pm. Eastern Time.
Friday – Sundays between 12pm and 8pm.  Eastern time.

This is how you should write down the Score and Stats so that our Team is able to upload your Score and Stats.

The clearer you write everything down, the faster you will get your Score in your Account.

Wondering what all those letters are on the App? Those are the Penalties… Here is what they stand for:

Now that you know you don’t have to upload your Score yourself while playing… You can relax, play your Game and leave us the hard work of transcribing your Score for you.

Feel free to ask a question on the Comments Box or e-mail us at

Enjoy your Golf!

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