A golfer’s dream… Creating a golf course

Most of us golfers have always dreamed of designing our own golf course. So let’s imagine for the next few minutes that you could have that chance. What will you create? How would you create the perfect golf course?

What makes a great golf course?

Most of us golfers would agree that playing a great golf course is much better than playing a regular one. Even if both courses are maintained in equally perfect conditions, its just not the same. But what is it that makes a golf course stand out?

Well, let’s begin by thinking about the most famous golf courses. Augusta, Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, Pine Hurst… What are the common elements?

History, Environment, Design…

golf course

The above picture is from Augusta National 2012′s Masters. This golf course has it all, that’s why is so recognized. Let’s also look at the image below from Cypress Point, which is a great example of how the environment can automatically give you an amazing experience (on top of the fact that it does have a great design).

golf course design

Both golf courses are placed on a extraordinarily beautiful setting and both have great history. Both combined with a great design.

Every golfers dream… Creating a Golf Course

Well, if we are creating a new golf course we can’t do much about the History, so let’s forget about that for a second. And in our imaginary scenario we have plenty of money to select our environment. And of course its left to us to think about how to best utilize that environment to create the perfect golf course.

In fact, in 2005 someone had a similar opportunity like the one I am asking you to put yourself in. The multimillionaire Steve Wynn sat down with the great golf course designer Tom Fazio to create a golf course right on the heart of Las Vegas. However, what they did not have was the environment, so Steve Wynn said: “Let’s create that environment”, and they did.

beautiful golf courses

What if you could pick your golf course environment? What would you pick?

Ok. Let’s be realistic, we probably don’t have Steve Wynn’s money. So let’s just imagine for a second the perfect environment… Where would you locate your golf course?

Shoreline? Desert? Rolling Hills? Lake? City? You pick!

I haven’t talked about design but I am going to stop here and let your imagination roll for a a few minutes about that perfect golf course. Share your thoughts with comments…

Enjoy your golf!



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