New Golf Stats section – TheGrint App Sneak Peek

We have been working hard and we are now close to our next app release. We have heard loud and clear that you guys wanted more in depth stats in the app on top of the free golf handicap.

Our new App Golf Stats section provides a great compliment to our already awesome Trends section of our website. The app golf Stats section will provide with snapshot information of the most critical aspects of your game and your friend’s. While the website Trends section will continue to show the trending information of those stats.

One of the critical components that we added to the app golf stats section is the Scrambling and Penalties graphs that will show your recovery capacity and most importantly you “messing up” capacity.

Here is a sneak peek of our soon to come release:

TheGrint App Golf Stats

Similar to our website’s Trends section, you will be able to filter the data based on the criteria you select. This will help you understand your game (and that of your friend’s) much better.

Each golf stat screen will have two sections: the primary section will show the most important aspects of that area of your game. The secondary section will show complementary information that will help get additional insight into that area of your game.

There will be 9 graphs or areas of your golf performance that the app will look into:

  1. Handicap Index
  2. Scoring
  3. Putting
  4. Greens in Regulation
  5. Driving Accuracy
  6. Irons Accuracy (Par 3′s)
  7. Grints
  8. Penalties
  9. Scrambling

Each are will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in the most important aspects of your game.

The Handicap, Scoring, Grints and Penalties graphs will look into your overall performance. The Driving accuracy graph for performance of the TeeBox. Irons Accuracy graphs looks into the approach game (using data from Par 3′s).  Putting and Scrambling looks into your short game.

Keep in mind that all of these will be snapshots and the trending information will be available on the website.

We will keep you posted…

Enjoy your Golf!

Golf Driving Accuracy


Golf Stats

Par Bogey Golf Stats Percentage


Golf Stats Approach Game IronPar Bogey Golf Stats Percentage





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