Types Of Golf Courses By Environment (Oct. 2nd, 2014)

Types Of Golf Courses –  By Environment

Have you ever seen two Golf Courses that look the same? (if you have PLEASE send us a picture of both Courses!) But probably, no one has ever seen two Golf Courses that look the same.

This is why Golf is one of the most incredible Sports you could play, if not THE most incredible; and what makes it so incredible is all the different Styles, Designs, Sizes, Locations, and Environments that make Golf an amazing experience every time you go out to play.

We already know the different types of Golf Designs there are… now, we go for the different Types of Golf Courses there are, but by Environment, meaning the surroundings and Locations of each Type of Golf Courses out there.

To start, which Golf Course comes to mind when we say Links Golf?

Links Golf = Old Course at St. Andrews.

The Links Golf is where Golf was invented. Is where all started.

Links courses are usually found in the UK and as many of you know, these Courses are AMAZING! Are probably the toughest courses to play at, not only because of the designs, but because of so many other factors… such as wind, weather, grass, terrain, huge bunkers impossible to get out of, and tough Greens to land on. If you have ever been able to play at a Links Course, you probably know what i’m talking about…

Second type of Golf Course out there… Resort Golf.

You might be wondering what Resort Golf Courses are… but if we say, Pebble Beach you immediately know what we are talking about.

Types of golf courses

Resort Golf Courses are among the easiest Golf Courses out there because the Resort wants to make sure everyone is able to play them and enjoy them. These Golf Courses usually have a Hotel or lodging where guests can stay for a Weekend or longer and play one or all of the Courses they have. These courses are known for beautiful views, incredible landscapes, lakes or oceans next to them.

The third type of Golf Course we have are… Desert Golf.

These courses are usually located around Arizona and the Persian Gulf states where outside of the Golf Course itself, you wont find anything but the natural environments of the desert such as cactus and wild life… Even though the Courses are surrounded by pretty much, nothing, the Courses are among the greatest Golf Courses in the U.S.

A great example of this kind of Golf Courses is  is the TPC Scottsdale where the famous Stadium Course is.

Types of golf courses by environment

Fourth type of Golf Course… Parkland Golf

Do you know what I mean by Parkland? What if I say… Augusta National Golf Club? I bet now you understand what Parkland Golf Courses are. These are the most common Golf Courses in the U.S. You can find these normally inland and surrounded by huge and dense trees; they usually have very well-kept fairways and a rough almost impossible to get out of.

The majority of the PGA Courses are Parkland courses and Augusta National is the example to follow…

Types of golf courses by environment

Last but not least… Heathland Golf

Heathland? Heathland Golf is a combination between Parkland Golf and Links Golf.

One of the best Heathland Course can be found in the U.S.

Pine Valley Golf Club located in New Jersey.

Types of golf courses by environment

These type of Golf Courses can also be found inland but the type of fairways are very similar to Links fairways because they are undulated and hilly causing the ball to bounce anywhere even if you hit a perfect shot. Also these courses can have either big trees surrounding the Fairways like in Pine Valley or be more like Links Courses and have heather and small plants around it.

I know that I only mentioned each Course with one certain Type of Environment and you are probably thinking that there are courses out there that have a combination of two or maybe three of these types of environments, and it is true. One good example of a Golf Course that combines Resort Golf and Desert Golf could be the White Course at Trump National Doral in Miami; if you have played that Course, you will notice that the layout and surroundings of the Course looks like a desert (with some palm trees instead of bushes or trees).

Types of golf courses by environment

The course doesn’t have a Rough, the fairway is surrounded by sand and crushed shells, giving the player the sensation of a desert combined with a tropical touch. And as you might know, Doral is a Resort with 4 other Golf Courses.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog and that you can know identify which Type of Golf Courses you play. Remember that every Golf Course is different and each of them require a different strategy to play them well, for this, you can always use TheGrint GPS App to help you strategize your game and lower your Handicap.

Enjoy your Golf!

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