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Golf Active – Inactive Season

Many golfers wonder if they should post Scores when they play all Year-Round even though where they live is Cold and the conditions are not perfect.

The important thing to remember is that the Golf Season depends on where you Play at that particular moment and not on where your Club (the one providing you with a Handicap) is established. This means that if you live in Boston for example, but you come down to Florida for vacations during Winter and you play a few Rounds of Golf, those Scores would count towards your Handicap because in Florida the Golf Season is Year-Round, instead in Massachusetts the Season is between April 1st and November 14th.

Just in case you don’t know your State’s Golf Season Dates, here they are: Golf Season Dates

The good news is that if you keep your Handicap with us, TheGrint, you will always have an Active community and because we are stablished in Florida, Golf is part of our everyday all Year-round.

However, because we get to play Golf anytime we want, doesn’t mean we are not thinking of those Grinters who can’t get out to play whenever they want and so, here are some Golf Exercises¬†you can do during this Off Season to keep your Game in shape.

Remember to stay warm and keep on working that Golf Game so that when the Season Starts again, you don’t feel as lost on the Golf Course.

Blog written by: LadyGrinter
Golf Exercises provided by GolfDigest
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2 Responses to Active – Inactive Golf Season by TheGrint

  1. Aaron says:

    So if you live in Boston & you get a nice day after the 14th of Nov. should you post that on GRINT? Will the GRINT recognize that it’s not during the season & not count it towards your handicap?

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi Aaron, good morning.
      You can upload the Score to your TheGrint Account with no problem, and it would count towards your Handicap. However, the Handicap Committee in your Club, might ask you to Delete that Score and therefore, it wouldn’t count towards your Handicap.
      Let us know if you have any other question.
      Have a great day!