TheGrint – Scorecard Picture Service (SPS)

Scorecard Picture Service (SPS)

Do you like to keep your Score on a traditional and Paper Scorecard while you play? Do you still want to keep track of your Score, Stats and Handicap in TheGrint?

That’s no problem. Keep track of your Score using your traditional Scorecard and at the end of your Golf Round, take a Picture of the Scorecard using TheGrint App and send it to us.  We will upload your Score and Stats as soon as we receive it.

It is that simple!

How it works? Easy…

After your Round:

1. Go to TheGrint App

2. Tap on Play

3. Tap on Scorecard Picture

4. Select the Golf Course. Date (on the Top right). Tees and how many Holes you played.

5. If you played with another Grinter and kept his/her Score as well and they want us to upload their Score as well, tap on Select Player and find them or type their E-mail Address.

6. Tap on Next and then Tap on “Camera” so you can take a Picture of the Scorecard.

7. If you have to take Two (2) Pictures in order to get the 18-holes, tap on the Option “Two”

Then take the Picture.

8. Rate the Course and Tap & Press “Upload”…

Then leave it up to us!

If you send us your Score within these Hours, we typically upload your Score within 5 Minutes:

Monday – Thursdays between 10am and 6pm. Eastern Time.
Friday – Sundays between 12pm and 8pm.  Eastern time.

This is how you should write down the Score and Stats so that our Team is able to upload your Score and Stats.

The clearer you write everything down, the faster you will get your Score in your Account.

Wondering what all those letters are on the App? Those are the Penalties… Here is what they stand for:

Now that you know you don’t have to upload your Score yourself while playing… You can relax, play your Game and leave us the hard work of transcribing your Score for you.

Feel free to ask a question on the Comments Box or e-mail us at

Enjoy your Golf!

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