TheGrint – Golf Games Feature on Androids!

Golf Games Feature Available Now on Androids!

We have had for a while the Games Feature on every iPhone TheGrint App and we know that the majority of Android users wanted to have this Feature on their Phones.

We finally finished the Feature for Androids and it is looking pretty cool! This new feature would also allow you to track your Games but the History of your Games against your friends, so you can keep the tally (Make sure you download the latest Android version).

So, how does it work? Pretty easy… Below we will show you the Screenshots of where you can find the Golf Games Feature as well as the instructions and an example of how it works.

We hope you enjoy it! And please let us know your feedback as you try it out.

The Games Feature you can find it on the Players Setup Screen (at the bottom):

As you can see above, in the “Players Setup” screen we now have a Games button, that you can use to select between 6 Games (currently). Once you select the Game you can setup your Game as follows

1. HDCP: You can play Net or Gross Scores.

2. Mode: You can play War (everyone against everyone), Pot (all competing for one big prize) or Pairs (2 Vs 2). And…

3. Points per player, which basically determines how much the Front 9, Back 9 and Nassau.

As you will see on the image above, because it is High & Low Game, the App automatically separates Team A (Player 1 & Player 2) and Team B (Player 3 & Player 4).

Now, you might be wondering, what if you don’t know how one of those Games is played exactly? Well, just tap on the “Explanation” option next to “Games” and it will take you to the Screens below:

After this Screen, you just need to Swipe to the Right to read how each of the Games is played, and you will see the Screens below:

After you and your Partners decide which Game you all want to play, it is time to have fun!

Select the Game on the Players Setup Screen and then continue to the 1st Hole and start tracking your Scores like usual.

Then after a few Holes or after the 1st Hole if you want, you can check how the Game is going by Taping where it says “Games” at the Bottom of the Screen.

(shown below using the Stableford Format- Red Arrow)

After you Tap on Games, the App will take you to the Points Summary Screen and if you Scroll Down you will see all the Points Details of your Match (Shown above)

And, ONLY IN ANDROID, if you Tap where it says “More” or at the Bottom where it says “Scorecard” the App will take you to the Scorecard where you can see everyones’ Score, Stats AND the Games spread out Hole-by-Hole and Player-by-Player (Shown below).

Or if you want to change the Type of Game you are all playing, it is pretty simple. Just Tap on Games, then on Edit and then change the Game. So if we change the Stableford | War to Skins | War, this is how it would look like… (below)

Pretty cool, no?

After you all finish your Rounds and the Game is over, we make it easy for all of you to see who Won and who Lost. Before you get to the Scorecards and before you upload your Scores, the App will show you the Game Results (shown below).

After you all upload your Scores, the Games you play will be saved in your Account, under the Stats Tab and then on Games Performance.

There you will be able to see what is your Win % of all of the Games you have played with your Friends, the amount of Points you have accumulated on all of your Games, the Avg. Points and the amount of Games you have played as of that day.

At the bottom you will be able to see the Games Log and if you Tap on one of them, you will be able to Review the Results of that specific Game as well.

If you guys have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or send us an e-mail to

Enjoy your Golf!

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4 Responses to TheGrint – Golf Games Feature on Androids!

  1. Scott S. says:

    Outstanding work guys… this is awesome stuff!

  2. Ken says:

    Hi! Awesome job with the new “games” functionality on Android (and the app in general)! I love that you no longer treat Android as a “2nd class citizen” compared to iPhone. Thank you!!

    Question, when you say “start tracking your scores like usual”, do you mean that all of the people in your group can track their own scores (if they are all Grinters), and the app somehow still keeps score of the game even though the scores are being entered from different devices? Or do you mean that the person who “set up” the game has to enter the scores/stats for all the Grinters participating in the game so that the game calculates properly?

    Can the other people see the results of the current game in realtime from their own app, or is the game progress only visible in the app of the person who “setsup” the game?

    Thanks again!


    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi Ken, good afternoon,

      We apologize for the late response.

      We appreciate your support and feedback.

      Regarding the Games, Only 1 person can track the Games for the Foursome. And the Games results or how the Game is going, can only be seen on the Phone of the Person who is tracking the Scores and Games.

      AS of now, that is how the Games work. We do have in mind the Feature that allows others to see how the Games are going using other Phones at the same time. But we don’t have a date for this release.

      Hopefully this answers your question.

      Let us know if you have any other or need anything else.