What would the golf game look like without the Golf Handicap App?

Let’s imagine The Hunger Games of Golf…. Where surviving depends on your golf performance by it self. You win, you live. You lose, you die.  Ok many avid golfers already feel that way.

So what if you had to compete in these Hunger Games without a golf handicap. Would you do it?  It doesn’t sound fun anymore, right? One of the best things of Golf is that you can play with your friends and everybody regardless of skill level. That is why we need that golf equalizer. That is why we need the Golf Handicap App!

So let me expand on this. I could talk for hours about the Handicap Index Formula, but for most golfers it is just boring. BUT to make sure we are aligned:

“The Handicap Index is designed to measure a golfer’s potential ability on the course, and provides the foundation to be able to compete on an equitable basis regardless of your ability”

So now that we know the intention of the Golf Handicap system. Why is that important?

Most golfers would agree that the fun in golf is not only about the score. Most would agree that what makes “hitting a ball with a stick” fun is sharing outdoors with friends, playing and competing in this beautiful and strategic game. So why complicate our lives calculating a freaking number with such a complicated formula?

  1. It will motivate you to play your best golf, every time

Well, for starters part of the fun in golf is in measuring your performance and in knowing how good or bad you are. We always step onto the first tee hoping to play our best, and the USGA Handicap Index allows us to define “our best”. So we can realize what is a great round or what is a lousy round based on facts, not feelings.

  1. To keep your friends

You would lose a lot of friends on the course if you didn’t have a golf handicap. I for one would hate to pay for those cold beers at the end of every game. After all, the 19th hole is an important part of the game, so it better be a friendly moment for everyone that played.

  1. It will keep everything on check

The Golf Handicap is like having an invisible referee in your foursome every time you go out to play. The Handicap will blow the final whistle and declare a winner at the end of each game so you won’t have to.

  1. Because your friends will like to play with you

If you are a great player, Why would someone even want compete with you if they know that you will ALWAYS beat them? The Handicap allow both of you to play at the same level so everyone will have an incentive to play with you again.

Bottom line, let’s invite the Handicap Index to this party. Let’s allow it to be the referee of golf, the judge, the one who sets the rules and determine how many strokes each player receives. The one who keeps friendships and good times on the golf course!

Be legit! Get a Golf Handicap App, Why wouldn’t you? It is free…

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