Grints Percentage by Handicap – What’s Your Target?

When we started TheGrint, we wanted to add a unique stat to our app, and we called it Grints% but, what is it?

Well, the stat “Grints” refers to the amount or percentage of Pars or better (Birdies, Eagle, Albatross) per round.

Sometimes we just want to know how many holes and which ones, we can play without scoring a bogey or worse. That is why we came up with this specific stat; to help out players to get to know their game better in order to identify their weaknesses and strengths.

With that being said, using millions of golf rounds from real golfers we calculated the average Grints% by handicap. Zoom in the graph below and find yourself.

By taking a look at the graph, we can definitely spot how better handicap players tend to score a lot more Grints than higher handicap players. They are simply better at eliminating bogeys or worse from their game.

If you’re looking to lower your handicap, use the graph to find out what next level for your would mean, and use that as a target the next time you play.

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Enjoy your golf!

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