Putts Performance – What’s Your Target?

Putting is without a doubt one of the most important factors of the game. This is why we looked at data from millions of golf rounds of real golfers to break it down for you.
We focused on the Average Number of Putt per Round (18 holes), and complemented it with GIR Putts, and Non-GIR Putts.

GIR Putts meaning the average number of putts golfers make when hitting the green in regulation. And Non-GIR is the average when not.

Take a peek at the graph below and locate yourself within your handicap in order to see the average stats for your golf level. (e.g., Golfers with handicap 12, make on average: 32.3 putts, 2.08 GIR putts and 1.8 Non-GIR, per round.)

Notice that, on average, golfers get more strokes from GIR putting than from Non-GIR putting. Why? That’s because your approach when reaching the Green in Regulation is typically longer than when you don’t. Therefore, your proximity to the hole will be further out.

In fact, Non-GIR putts is also a great indication of your short game ability around the green.

Look at your data in your TheGrint profile and compare it with this graph. It should help you understand if this is a strength or a weakness in your game. And how to get to the next handicap level.

By using TheGrint’s App Stats Module, you can easily keep track of your putting and short game in order to lower those extra strokes and improve your game.

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Enjoy your golf!

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