Tips & Tricks: How to keep your rounds private

Our biggest efforts go to one thing: make our app better. And since we’re constantly updating and adding a bunch of cool stuff, you might have missed a couple of them even if they’re not “new”. Today, we’re going to show you one of such things: How to keep your rounds private on TheGrint.

It could be because you’re feeling a bit guilty about that 10:30 am tee time on a Friday, knowing your friend Bruce is stuck at the office. Or that you don’t want your brother-in-law to know you’re +4 at the turn and you didn’t invite him… Well, those shouldn’t be reasons to stop using TheGrint…We got your back!

Here is what you need to know:

1- Turn Off Broadcasting Live Score: this will avoid the progress of your round being broadcasted in real-time and your friends receiving push notifications.

How: During the round setup, open the Tracking Options and use the Live Score option to select “Hide From Everyone”.

NOTE: You could also choose to broadcast to “Non-Muted friends only”. Before you do it you can go to the Friend’s section to mute/unmute specific friends.

2- Private Upload: this will avoid publishing your score in the Activity Feed once it’s posted.

How: simply turn on the Private Upload option in the “Upload Score” screen after you finish your round.







NOTE: Once you select these settings (both Private Upload and Broadcasting preference), they’ll remain as the default mode.

That’s it! And if you’re still feeling a bit guilty, you can tell your brother in law to sign up to the SwingMAN newsletter, so he can get his weekly dose of golf!

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2 Responses to Tips & Tricks: How to keep your rounds private

  1. Dylan Bell says:

    Does it still go to the GHIN on this mode? Thank you.

    • Luis says:

      Hi Dylan! Yes, we still send the scores to the World Handicap System and once it updates, it should reflect on your GHIN account as well.