In 2020, the USGA announced the launch of the World Handicap System with the goal of providing golfers with a unified handicapping system for the first time, through a Handicap Index that’s valid everywhere you play. Today, we’ll show you how the Handicap Integration works with TheGrint.

First, and most importantly, all Handicap ID’s are issued and maintained by the USGA in their servers which means that your Handicap ID (which we call WHS#) is now part of a centralized database.

Whenever a Grinter uploads a score in TheGrint app, we send that score to the USGA servers and they include it in your records. In a similar way, when a Grinter with a valid Handicap ID gets a score uploaded on a different site like the USGA will include it in the Handicap Index calculation, and your Handicap Index in TheGrint will also update.
However, we do encourage you upload your score via TheGrint. That’s because when you do it via another provider, we only receive partial information and your stats will not update.

It’s very important to know that your Handicap gets recalculated only once per day at midnight. This means that when you upload a score to TheGrint, your Handicap will remain the same until the USGA runs its handicap revision. You can read more about it here: Handicap Manual link.

If you already had a valid Handicap ID (like a GHIN#)  before joining TheGrint, you can link the number for free like this: from TheGrint app > Menu > My Handicap > enter the # in the white box.

A couple of closing remarks:

1- Our Handicaps are USGA compliant, which means they should be accepted for any event. However, some State Associations will require you to be a member of their association in order to let you compete in their tournaments.

2- Currently, the USGA doesn’t have an independent and open Handicap Lookup site. However, our Handicap Lookup will find and retrieve the information of any player with a valid Handicap ID, even if the player is not registered with TheGrint. Similarly, if you look up a Grinter with a valid Handicap ID in, let’s say, the handicap lookup tool, you’ll find it as well.

3 – While our Handicap ID’s are as valid as a GHIN# or any other valid Handicap ID, that doesn’t mean you can log in to Because that is a different service. In that same manner, someone with a account cannot log in to TheGrint.

4- The USGA and each State Association have their own Schedules. If you post a score at a golf course that is not in its active season, then your score will not count towards your Handicap calculation. Here is the list of all State Association schedules

Hopefully, this post will help you understand the dynamics of how the USGA<>TheGrint integration works.

Enjoy your Golf!

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  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    I have registered with theGrint and recieved my WHS# from thGrint. Am I am to create a profile on GHIN with that WHS#?

    The main reason I am trying to do that is to search for player Handicaps not utilizing theGrint (with the new updates it is awesome btw)?

    • Luis says:

      Hi Joseph! Glad you’re enjoying the new updates. To answer your question:
      You can’t create a profile in Ghin because TheGrint and GHIN are two different handicap providers. Therefore our WHS# doesn’t work as a login to

      However, you CAN use the Handicap lookup tool on the App or Website to look for players by entering their GHIN# or WHS# on there and find their handicaps and scores.