Prepare for Your Round: GPS Flyover Feature, Explained

It’s midweek and you already have your round booked for the weekend? There’s something pretty cool that you can do from TheGrint app to mentally prepare yourself and make that hour long Zoom meeting a little less tedious: you can explore the course you’ll be playing at with our GPS flyover feature!

Since it’s Masters week, we’ll be using Augusta National Golf Club to show you how to do it in your local course.

1- First, you’re going to login to TheGrint app

2- Tap the COURSES icon on the right hand side of the bottom banner. (If you are not a PRO member then open the menu on the top left and select Courses)

3- Tap the search bar (on the top) and find the course you’ll be playing at

4- Tap on the GPS Flyover option on the upper right corner

 5- Choose the tees from which you usually play and that’s it!

You can scroll through every hole and make a game plan that will hopefully set you up for success during your next round.

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Enjoy your Golf!

PS: we prepared this post right before the Spring so Google Imagery still shows Augusta National prior to Masters Week conditioning.

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