We can’t but brag about having one of the most creative teams of software engineers in the game. And while they work tirelessly to improve the interface of our amazing app, they like to have fun (in their own nerdy way). So we figured we share one of those ways in which they have fun, that you might have noticed already: The naming of our versions.

First of all, we use a similar method that the World Meteorological Organization uses to name hurricanes. Two lists (one for iOS and one for Android) are created and every version will follow that list. Where we do things a bit differently, is that we create themes that are a bit more fun than male or female names.

This first naming convention started in 2018 when they did it based on nerdy-culture characters from cartoons and series like Game of Thrones. Then for the Android and iOS version of 2019 they paired characters that couldn’t live without each other… or at least they wouldn’t be as great as they are like Milk + Oreo, Greg Norman + Nick Fado, and Luke + Leia.

For the next one, 2020… can you guess the theme? Here the names of each version:

Austin Powers

Dr. Evil



Charles Xavier

Erik Lehnsherr



Gordon Freeman




Inspector Gadget

Dr. Claw

John Wick

Viggo Tarasow

Katniss Everdeen

President Snow




Cristiano Ronaldo

In this case, we went antagonist-style, pairing each version with its nemesis which is why you’ll spot Batman + Joker, Ford + Ferrari, and Austin Powers + Dr. Evil. And even though we don’t consider Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, their rivalry in soccer made us pair them here.

The last one we’ll share is our 2021 list theme which is a bit obvious but let’s give it a try:

Hole in One

Two Minute Warning


Fantastic Four

Jackson 5

Six pack

Seven Wonders

Magic 8 Ball

Revolution 9

Top Ten

Apollo 11

Here, we did only one list for both Android and iOS… and the theme is NUMBERS! We’re naming our versions after popular objects-sayings-movies-bands that have the number of the version in their name. We’re guessing your favorite one is the first right?

Hopefully, you enjoyed this little fun fact of our world. It’s important to love what you do and have some fun while doing it! But don’t be mistaken: when it comes to coding, things get SERIOUS.

Since we are constantly updating TheGrint app to add new features and improve user experience, make sure you have our latest version installed! This way you can enjoy our team’s hard work and have a laugh at the name of the version you’ll be updating to.

Enjoy your golf!

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