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TheGrint most active Regions 2020 – Data Facts

It’s time to share some data about our own community of Grinters! Have you ever wonder what’s the region with the highest number of active Grinters? We analyzed all the rounds played during the last 12 months to better understand … Continue reading

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How is my TheGrint Golf Handicap Calculated?

How Is My Golf Index Calculated? The Handicap System is not hard to understand, but there are many miss-conceptions about how it’s calculated and how Players get that Number. We wanted to share some clarifying points. To begin, you should … Continue reading

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Need to Hit more Fairways and Greens in Regulation during your Golf Round? – TheGrint

Do you need to hit more fairways and greens in regulation?   In this series of blog posts we partnered with the folks at Total Golf Trainer Arm to bring you videos and content that should help you improve your game. You … Continue reading

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TheGrint Golf – USGA Compliant Clubs

TheGrint – USGA Compliant Clubs Held November 17th at 12:30 PM. We are taking this opportunity to talk about our Clubs because not too many Golfers know that by having a TheGrint Account, you will have a USGA Compliant Handicap … Continue reading

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Getting a USGA Compliant Golf Handicap Online

Most people track their golf handicap just because they want to keep track of their game or because they want to be able to bet with their friends.  Some others need a compliant USGA Golf Handicap because they compete in … Continue reading

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No golf Handicap tracker talk today – Our findings at the 2013 PGA Show

No Golf Handicap Tracker talk today We generally talk about golf performance, some of our Golf Handicap tools, or the USGA Handicap Index System. However, we spent last week in Orlando at the 2013 PGA Show and we wanted to … Continue reading

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