Scores Of Grinters @ Torrey Pines

It’s US Open week and since we can’t actually be there playing (astounded not to receive an exemption!) we decided to do the next best thing we can: analyze the scores of Grinters @ Torrey Pines Golf Course so you can have something tangible to compare against the pros.

Before we start, you should know this fact: unsurprisingly enough, Torrey Pines is very popular golf course in TheGrint with more than 5,000 rounds played between 2019 and 2021.

To do this fun exercise, we separated the numbers into handicap brackets to give you a close comparison as to what your score would look like if you haven’t played there. You can use them either to tame your expectations or to set a target.

These are the results:


After looking at the chart, here are our main takeaways:

Overall Scoring at Torrey:

  • The average Grinter shoots ~10 strokes above their handicap when playing in Torrey Pines. Keep in mind, you normally see a difference of 4-5 strokes (See  Average Scores by Handicap blog post)
  • Clearly, Torrey Pines is a beast already, but if you look at this week’s US Open conditions it looks even more fearsome than when you played your last foursome on a regular Sunday. (Just take a look at the rough!)
Other nuggets we found during this exercise:  
  • We have seen five “holes-in-one” made by Grinters at Torrey Pines, three on the Par 3 8th hole, one in the Par 3 3rd hole, and one in the Par 4 10th hole
  • Grinters have made 2,980 Birdies in the more than 5,000 rounds that have been played at Torrey 
  • On the other hand, we have only seen 86 Eagles from our Grinters at Torrey, 6th Hole being the most Eagled hole (26 Eagles)
  • The HIGHEST score in a hole recorded by a (very honest) Grinter is 15. This unhappy record came at the 13th hole… we sincerely hope his round picked up after that or at least that someone bought a beer for the guy.

Back to the US Open! Who would you be rooting for this week? And if your job doesn’t allow you to follow the tournament live on TV, what’s your plan B?

(besides quitting, obviously)

Enjoy your golf!

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The dream of every golfer is watching a ball go in the hole after hitting it from the tee. Many seasoned players play their entire life without achieving this feat, while some not-so-great players claim to have it done more than once. It’s obvious that some degree of luck is involved, but just how much? Today, we analyze the odds of making a hole in one by handicap. DISCLAIMER: They’re low. Veeeery low.

Check out the graphic to find your handicap and see your odds of making a hole in one!

As we can see, skill does play a big part. Scratch players are three times more likely to achieve this feat than a player with a handicap of 18 or more. And if we compare the odds of the two lowest handicap brackets (<0 and 0-5) vs the rest of the brackets we can see how much more likely a skilled player is to make a hole in one.

However, the odds are astronomically low no matter how good you are. On average, you’d need to play ~6,500 par 3’s (or ~1625 rounds assuming 4 Par 3′s per round) to have a hole in one (from a statistical standpoint)… which on the flip side, is great news for us since we now have a target of how many golf rounds we have to play to get one ;-)

Just think of all the birdies, pars, triple bogeys, cart girls, beers, and golfing shenanigans  that awaits you before finally making a hole in one!

I wanted to close out this article a little different because I’m curious to find out how many of you have actually made a hole in one. So drop a line in the comments below mentioning when and how you made your hole in one!

If you are not in TheGrint, make sure to join Today here.

Enjoy your golf!

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Golf can sometimes be… complicated, but re-living our best memories can be priceless. They help us overcome a particularly bad round and also give you bragging rights. Today, we’ll show you a feature that highlights your achievements as a golfer in the form of badges and lets you explore your friend’s achievements as well from your very own Trophy Room in TheGrint app.

Join us as we walk down memory lane and learn how to explore your trophy room in TheGrint app, see your friend’s achievements, understand the badges, and get ammo for friendly banter using the bad performance badges.

First of all, to get to your trophy room in TheGrint app, tap the CAREER icon from the home screen and then select TROPHY ROOM.

1- Understanding your Trophy Room in TheGrint App: 

The way we designed the trophy room is to reflect your milestones with badges. These will change color as you improve the level of your accomplishments, starting with bronze, silver, gold, and pink as the ultimate crowning achievement. Here’s an example of how that looks like:

2- Exploring where/when you got a badge: 

One of the aspects we like the most about this feature is that it lets you navigate to the particular scorecard of the round where that milestone was achieved. To do this, simply click on the badge and it will automatically take you to it.

To help you get a better sense of your milestones, you can also filter these by year or by specific course.

3- Checking out your friend’s trophies: 

It’s always fun to compare yourself against your friends, so of course, we added an option for you to take a peek at other Grinters’ badges and accomplishments. To do this:

From the trophy room and hit the TAP TO CHANGE under your name. Then select the friend you want to check out and that’s it!

4. Bad Performance Badges

Sometimes golf can go horribly wrong and there’s not much we can do about it except try and laugh it off. That’s why there’s also a section dedicated to bad performances right at the bottom of the trophy room. You can check out your (or your friend’s) worst score, worst # of putts, most double and triple bogeys, most 3-putts made, and other sad stats like that.

If you’re serious about improving your game, make sure you give our PRO membership a try. It will unlock stats about your game that will give you pointers on areas you need to improve, advanced tracking options like your approach accuracy, that will help you understand your game.

Enjoy your golf!

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Notes, The New Functionality Of TheGrint App

We’re very excited to share with you the latest feature we added to TheGrint thanks to your feedback and requests. That may sound super cliché but in this case, it’s 100% true: NOTES, the new functionality of TheGrint App, is the most asked-for feature in our history. So today, we’ll walk you through how to use it and some extra cool things we added to make it absolutely worth your while.

NOTES, the new functionality of TheGrint App, lets you write tips, thoughts, and strategies on every hole you play. The idea is that next time you play, you won’t have to rely on your memory alone to strategize and help you avoid a mistake you may have done in the past.

Since not all of us are lucky enough to play with a caddie every time, we also added a functionality that lets you see other Grinter’s public notes on holes you’ve never played before, leveraging our golfing community to give you an edge wherever you play.

Let’s tee off!


1- On the GPS screen of your round, tap the NOTES icon on the bottom left. This will open a dialogue box where you can input your thoughts on the particular hole you’re in.

2- You can make this note private (for your personal use only) or you can make it public, allowing all Grinters who play this hole in the future to benefit from your wisdom. Since it’s really helpful to have these tips on courses you haven’t played before (and you’ll benefit from this eventually) we highly encourage you to make it public.

NOTE: If you make your notes public, Grinters can upvote them if they find it helpful, or pin them for future use. This would be our community’s way of saying thank you.


1- To look for your past notes, you can go to your CAREER page. Here you can filter them by course, find helpful notes you have pinned, and see the notes from other Grinters you have upvoted.


Since strategy is everything and not all of us have the benefit of a yardage book and a caddie, we added an option for you to see local Grinters notes on the course you’ll play. Here’s how to look for them:

1- Tap the COURSES icon on your home screen and look for the course you’ll be playing on the search bar at the top.

2- Once you select it, tap on GPS FLYOVER in the top right corner. After selecting the tee box you’ll play from, the GPS screen will appear with a notepad icon on the bottom left.

3- Tap it to read the thoughts of previous Grinters on that specific hole. If you want to have them readily available, you can PIN them so they’ll appear on YOUR NOTES. If you found them useful, you can upvote any of them to give them legitimacy for future Grinters.