Why did we get into this Golf Handicap Tracker Market

Some of our members suggested that we should write about the golf handicap tracker market, including mobile apps and what is out there. Why we created TheGrint, how is it better than what it is currently out there.

Why did we create TheGrint.com?

Because we were tired of how difficult it was to track your golf handicap. We were tired of not being able to track scores in a simple way like in the old days. So we came up with the “Scorecard Pic Service” idea and thought that it would be great for everyone.

Additionally, when we began to analyze the golf handicap tracker market we found that everything out there was outdated. Nothing really met our standards of a good web or mobile app tool.

In 2011 we created TheGrint for our personal use. It was our foursome and 10 other friends scattered around the world using it. We loved it because we could compare each other’s performance and share our golf activity outside of the golf course.

In May 2012 we opened it to the public. And here we are now, it is the most complete golf handicap tracker in the market. In terms of social features nothing comes close to it.

What do other golf handicap trackers have to offer?

We believe that the only missing leg is the GPS in our mobile apps. We have debated extensively within our team whether it is a good idea to include it or not. GPS are great tools, but they are cumbersome to use in your phone.

I personally use a GPS watch (Garmin), I do believe these (or any other brand) are the best GPS tools because they are non-intrusive and they provide enough info.

We are currently evaluating different ways to incorporate the GPS into our mobile apps. One of our main challenges is how to gather the data as it is something that you cannot buy off the shelf. We will keep you posted.

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