Live Leaderboards in our Golf Mobile Apps

We are excited to announce the launch of our Live Leaderboards in our golf mobile apps. This new feature allows you to see what people in other foursomes a shooting real time and rank you against them.

Live Leaderboards are now available on the iPhone apps and will be soon available on the Android apps. To download our apps search for “TheGrint | Golf Handicap Tracker” on the app stores.

How will it work?

An organizer will create a leaderboard using his app. The person will give it a name and a passcode and select the golf course where the game will be played.

Once it has been created the organizer will tell the participants/players the name of the leaderboard and the passcode which they can use to join.

Each device can track up to four scores. So each foursome can track their round with one device. As scores are tracked the leaderboard gets populated with the information and ranks the players accordingly.

What’s behind this?

Well, we want to make it easier for you to connect with your friends when you are not playing . But now, this also helps you connect when you are playing on a different foursome.

Of course, you are probably already imagining where we are going with this technology. So stay tuned to future releases.

Upcoming Releases

Our next releases will be to allow to post 9 Hole Rounds. Which is critical for many golfers. Currently you can only post 9 Hole rounds in the website. Our next release should come very shortly after this Live Leaderboards release. We are also fixing some minor bugs that we had in previous app versions.

For longer term we are already building our database of course maps for GPS. In fact we also released a tool for you (our members) to upload maps. Course Mapper. Once we have enough course maps we will release our GPS feature in our apps.

We are devoted to creating the most complete app for golfers. Stay tuned.

Let us know any thoughts or feedback you may have.

Enjoy your golf!


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11 Responses to Live Leaderboards in our Golf Mobile Apps

  1. Evan says:

    I just signed up, it would be great if you optimize your app for the iPad and not just for the iPhone and Android devices.

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hello Evan,

      I will pass this info along to our development team.

      Our website is optimized for iPad. But I see how adding scores in the iPad is not as easy as from a computer or the apps.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Andrew Machen says:

    Hey, great to hear you’re putting in 9 hole rounds, as that’s all my group plays during the week. Appreciate the accurate handicapping because…I’m just horrible and need to be told so weekly :-)

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hehehehe We are glad! It took us a while but we worked hard. There are still some additions we will add to make sure the 9 Hole module is complete. But for website users (not solely apps) it is all there.

  3. Lewis Lewallen says:

    I like the concept of live leaderboard. However, I notice you are limited to one tee box. If you are playing golf with those who play different tee boxes, can they select the box they are playing or is it static based on how leaderboard was set up?

  4. Mike says:

    Is there a way to allow each player to input there own scores and stats ?

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi Mike, good afternoon,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We would be happy to help you out.

      Here are the Steps to Upload the Score:

      To upload a Score hole-by-hole using the App, follow these steps:

      1. Login
      2. Select Play (on the Top)
      3. Then select GPS, Track & Play
      4. Then choose the option you prefer to search for the Course you played or going to play.
      5. Then Select the Date, Tees and Stats you want to Track at the bottom.
      6. Then swipe the screen to the Left until you get to the 1st Hole.
      7. Tap on the Grey Circle to Add the Score (putts, stats and penalties if you want as well). Then swipe to the Left to continue to the 2nd Hole.

      To upload a Total Score using the App, follow these steps:

      1. Login
      2. Select Play (on the Top)
      3. Tap on Post Total Score
      4. Fill out all the information including your Score
      5. Tap and Hold on “Post”

      These are the Steps to upload the Score and Stats through the Website:

      To upload the Score Hole-by-hole through the Website, as well as the stats, follow these steps:

      1. Login.
      2. Click on Scores (on the Top Menu).
      3. Then click on “Add Score” (on the Right hand side).
      4. Then type the name of the Course, make sure you have the Date when you played, not when you are uploading the Score (this way your Handicap will be more accurate). 5. Then select a Tee and upload the Score (also the Putts, Stats, and Tee Accuracy if you want on the boxes below).
      6. Then click Submit.

      To Track the Putts, Penalties and Fairway Accuracy through the Website:

      1. Login
      2. Click on Scores
      3. Click on Add Score (On the Right hand side).
      4. Fill in all the information (Score, Putts, Penalties and the Fairway Accuracy). At the bottom when you are on the Penalties or Fairway Accuracy boxes, you will see the Legend on what to write depending on what you had on that hole. For example, if you went in the Water on the 2nd Hole, you will type a “w”. If you went in the Water and then the Sand Trap next to the Green you will type “ws”.

      After you submit all the information, Click on Submit at the Bottom.

      To upload a Score through the SPS Service, through the App (Scorecard Picture Service), follow these steps: This is a Pro Feature.

      1. Login
      2. Tap on Play
      3. Tap on Scorecard Picture Service
      4. Select the Course, date, tees and Tracking Options.
      5. Then continue and then select “Camera”.
      6. Then select if you want to take Two Photos (one for each side of the Scorecard) or just One Photo (the whole Scorecard).
      7. Take the Photo/s and then tap on Upload.

      We will receive your Scorecards and upload your Score as soon as we receive it.

      Click here to see how to write down your Score and Stats when you use the SPS Service.

      The meanings of the Acronyms for the Penalties we have are:

      S = Greenside Sand
      F = Fairway Sand
      W = Water Hazard
      O = Out of Bounds
      D = Drop Shot
      SS means that you hit the Greenside Sand twice.
      FF means that you hit the Fairway Sand twice.
      DD means that you had to drop the ball twice (because of unplayable or anything like that).
      FS means that you hit the Fairway Sand and then the Greenside Bunker.
      OS means that you hit it Out of Bounds and then you hit it into the Greenside Bunker.

      And so forth.

      Let us know if you have any questions or need anything else.

      We are here to help.

  5. guavawang86 says:

    Any way of creating a Live leaderboard in advance? it would be a great help, instead of creating on the date of play.

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi, good afternoon,

      You could create one before the day of Play. But it wouldn’t be of much use, as you use the Live Leaderboard to track Scores and compete with other people.


  6. Kevin says:


    SO the leader board can only be created on the day?

    • TheGrinter says:

      Hi Kevin, good afternoon.

      We would be happy to help you out.

      You can create one through the Website, through the Tour Section. Whenever you create the Tour and the Event, you will see that there is an option that says Leaderboard.

      After you create it, the day when you go play, the Leaderboard will be already created. All you have to do is select it on the Round Setup Screen and upload your Score.

      You can e-mail us if you have any questions to