Here are the 10 reasons why having a Golf Handicap is essential to any golfer

Everyday more and more golfers realize why having a Handicap Index is so important, but Do you know why? We have put together the 10 most compelling reason per our staff… and yes, we are avid golfers in our office, where Handicap discussion take place every single day.

  1. Because every golfer deserves to know its own potential in Golf.

One thing is to believe that you are good or even great at golf, and another is to have a trustable measure, like your golf handicap, that confirms how good you are. And this is thru not only for you but for everyone in Golf.

  1. To make a fun game even more fun!

Enabling players of different levels to compete on an equitable basis is the common response. But most importantly to earn the right to brag about it! Only you golf handicap will even the terrain among players.

  1. Because high scores are forgotten!

It is not like your Credit Score, where a missed payment or hard inquired will stay with you forever. The USGA golf handicap formula only considers the best 10 Scores of the last 20 rounds. So, it is another excuse to play more.

  1. To show how a player’s performance improves/deteriorates in time.

The game of golf has so many variables that make it impossible for a player to follow-up with his/her progress. Different course, different weather, different playing times, different groups, etc. At the end of the day only your golf handicap will know if you are improving in time.

  1. Because every golf course is different!  

The Course Handicap is the Golfer’s Index adjusted to the course’s difficulty, so good bye to your partner Joe’s excuses about blaming his performance on the difficulty of the courses he plays. The golf handicap will take that soft measure out of the discussion.

  1. Because any true golfer is driven by Pride!

We’re sure you have enough of your friends talking about how fast they ran their last marathon or how great they are at tennis, etc… If you have a golf handicap you will have something to show off too.

  1. Because everyone in golf likes to bet!

With your golf handicap, you can win bets while preserving friendships. Handicap takes abstract matters out of the discussion for competitive players. You want to give or get the right number of strokes and beat your friends on equal conditions.

  1. So you can have an answer to that question; What is your golf handicap?

You know that the first question anyone asks when you are a golfer is; What’s your handicap? Be prepared to open the discussion and show your pride, or maybe not depending on your performance.

  1. Because it is required at tournaments

You know that to participate in Golf tournament you need to have a golf handicap, so you better start keeping your handicap updated. There are plenty of Golf Apps for that.

  1. Because its Free!

Ok, it is not typically free. But when you use TheGrint Golf App it is. So no more excuses.

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